Learn How To Choose The Best Wine For Your Dinner

Posted On 14 May 2014
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Red or white, sparkling or sweet, domestic or imported?, Whenever we have some important meeting is our dilemma when offering a drink to our guests, but remember that everything depends on the type of dishes you are going to offer, view tips .


The wine expert Yumilka Ortiz explained to us (in New York) step by step wine at our table.

The first wine is the Porto of Portugal, very proper to offer with appetizers or on the desktop.

The expert indicates that the variety of wines to offer during a dinner should go from soft to loud.

For example, turkeys, having a dry meat, should be accompanied with juicy wines such as Portugal.

Another excellent wine for this type of meat is Chilean, type ‘Cabernet Sauvignon’, ideal for Latin food, such as salads, rice.

Rosé wines, such as South Africa ‘Mulderbosh Cabernet Sauvignon Pink’ is ideal for those people who do not like strong flavors of red wine. In addition, this type of wine does not overshadow the taste of the food.

Pomal Vineyard Reserve 2008 (in the upper area of ​​La Rioja), is a red wine that goes well with appetizers, strong cheeses (to which you can add a touch of honey), meat or sausages.

The difference between the ‘champagne’ and cava is that one is made with the traditional method of ‘champagne’, but was not made there.

If you will be offering dinner are white meats such as fish or shellfish, ideally, dry white wine, but if you like you can also give the sparkling which is what most people seek.

How to serve wine properly.

1. Place white wine in a refrigerator 2-4 hours before serving.

Two. Shake bottle 20-25 minutes before serving.

Three. Removes cover the top of the bottle.

April. Hold the bottle at a 45 degree angle away from your face. If you’re opening a sparkling wine, turning off the wire closure. Keep one hand on the cork as closure strips.

The sparkling white wines contain carbon. Turn the cork slowly with one hand while you grab the bottom of the bottle with the other. Pull the cork while turning slowly.

May. You can use a corkscrew for sparkling white wines. The corkscrew cork grips, helping him out. Insert the tip into the top and rotates clockwise fashion until curved portion or ‘worm’ remains fully inserted into the cork. If you are using a corkscrew as the image, while the arms are lifted insert the curved portion; pushing the arms down to remove the cork.

6. Fills a glass of wine by half. Hold it by the foot.

7. Pour a layer of 1-2 inches (2.5-5 cm) of ice in an ice bucket. Put the wine bottle inside. Add more ice from the sides until the bucket is nearly full. Add cold water. Leave the wine inside to keep it cool.

8. Inserts the cork back in the bottle (if you turn around, it will be easier to put it) and place in the refrigerator. Pour the wine in the four days of opening.

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