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Posted On 29 Dec 2013
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The comfort zone, we use it again for a long time and we all know what we mean by. Yet true for many that if you are about the comfort zone, many people are not at all waiting to exit. The little challenging and above all safe side speaks to. This does not mean that most people will not speak out. Itself as if we all constantly outside our comfort zone must act and must live. Adventurous life!

Many people stay within the comfort zone

It’s just a given that the largest group of people remain in the comfort zone, which does a very normal human behavior, and not look up the adventurous existence. Not infrequently, on the pretext that it cannot with a family. In itself it is nothing wrong to live within your comfort zone, your life, but do not use family as an excuse. Step out of your comfort zone, especially if for example you are lazy or afraid or because you physically or mentally cannot handle it … and there are many more reasons. Fine, you determine your own life and therefore whether or not you step out of your comfort zone. There is nothing right or wrong.

Do not miss anything when you step out of your comfort zone it?
For anyone who stands out the answer to this header will be “yes”, but for the man or woman within the comfort zone, the answer will be “no”. Strictly speaking not true. Latter also, after all, you do not know what you’re missing, and if you do not know, you miss it

Where does “comfort zone” come from?

‘Comfort’ is the familiar warm blanket, comfortable, well-being, satisfaction, and ease up to free from pain or fear. Add to that ‘zone’ to that and you’re talking about an area where you feel comfortable and you can easily and without obstacles maneuvering.

Is it dangerous outside the comfort zone?

You could assume, on the basis of the explanation comfort zone but that’s something to be black and white. When you step out of your comfort zone, you do not know, you come into the unknown and that many people find scary. It is rather on autopilot through life and although everyone is master of life, you lay at that time directly that you do not look up the challenge and development in your life.

There are also within the comfort zone consequences?
Although it is safe and secure, there are indeed consequences. After all, you follow almost blindly fixed safe route. But you no longer is also open to other faster, better routes. Moreover, you can route “locked” hit, simply because a blockage cannot directly give the flexibility to change and respond to the situation.

“Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.” Albert Einstein

How do you out of your comfort zone?

Provided that you really have to want it, you can always decide to step out of your comfort zone. It really want is important, because you do not know how difficult it is when you go beyond your comfort zone. Anything Start slowly and set small step outside your comfort zone.

Go out and do the things you may normally will not do, as soon as:

  • Tell the people you meet standard good day, even if you hear back from most anything … persist.
  • Take to the streets and wander out to a group of people who go on the sidewalk stands. Especially not agree. Apologize
  • If you go on the street or visiting family / friends, pull clothes that are outside your comfort zone.
  • Walk a pub or eatery inside as it is busy and just slide to a half-occupied table.
  • Say “yes” to a role in a project at work that is outside of your normal activities.
  • No dear peace, so if you are annoyed behavior of a friend or family member, you just change the say that.
  • For a while a job down, you cannot be done alone? Ask questions help with a boyfriend / girlfriend that you normally will not soon.
  • You see someone on the street that beautiful coat you been looking for a long time, talk to that person and ask for the address where he / she bought the jacket.
  • You always take the same route to work, but you know that there is another route. Do not try to trace the route over the internet but get in the car and drive to another route simply.
  • You want to do sports, but something no one goes along. You will find it difficult to be new steps you go along sports. In an unknown group do not think more about it and walk in and say you want to take a trial lesson.

It is not so much the action itself, but the unexpected from a different route. You might get in other places, talking people you would have never talked normally as possible you have no idea how people react to you and learn new methods to know. In short, it’s new, you do not know, you cannot prepare for, etc.


Pushes you out of your comfort zone with your limits, it keeps your brain mass in motion and you see, feel and hear more. You widened as it were you image what you have on the environment and will give at least more angles.

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