Lingerie To Raise The Temperature

Posted On 30 Apr 2014
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  • Find out how to surprise your beau with this series of ‘tips’ that will raise the temperature of your bedroom!
  • No more insecurities and things halfway. The following lingerie ignites the flame of passion in your bedroom, so get ready and pay attention.

  • Achieve your guy does not leave the party blowout and bring her home with a dazzling and sexy lingerie ‘bling bling’. We promise you will be blinded by so much glitter!
  • The jewels are no longer exclusive to women and today they are the ones that give crystals, but in a more original way: In her lingerie! With this ‘tip’, to you will you need to have windows get the heat?

  • A pretty satin set will help you add elegance and attention to your curves. Just make sure you choose the color that best matches your skin tone.
  • Their extreme brightness and smoothness will be almost as similar to your skin, making them infallible when action!
  • The temperature rise due to fall on wax-candle in this material, that will mold itself to your shape of a shocking and accurately.

  • Nothing more appropriate to take your wild side and risky with animal print lingerie. Trembling shall put your prey!
  • The finer and smaller the ‘animal print’ you wear your lingerie, sophisticated and chic ‘game will see your undies.

  • The color red has always been linked to sensuality, therefore, should not miss a set in this color into your wardrobe.
  • Conversely, eroticism gets along better with the black color. You be the nicest bad guy with a panty and a bra in dark tones!
  • We’re pretty sure that 99.9% of women have found that 99.9% of men adore lace lingerie! Dare to test this theory and tell us the results of your experiment later.

  • Transparencies are allied to other super time to sweat the male audience. Enhance your favorite part of the body with this translucent trend.
  • Small details make the difference! Focus on getting underwear or with a particular twist to bring your beau routine.
  • Colors also play a fundamental role in the wheel of love! If you are passionate frequently surprises with a sweet and innocent set.
  • If your case is the opposite, it takes courage to wear ‘outfits’ with little material, or even air garters stop your charms.
  • With lingerie in ‘nude’ colored your guy does not know if his eyes are cheating, or actually is under the charms of an optical illusion.

  • If you are of brown skin, remember that the colors that you’ll stand out your sexy side will be white and champagne colors.
  • If you are fair-skinned, the purple or burgundy is the most successful for you. A bra ‘push up’ this trend will leave your lover with open mouth!

  • Do not leave all the work to lingerie! While it is a great ally when the ‘show time’, his power is not complete without a touch of mischief and sensuality.

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