Little Football, A Lot Of Money The History Of US-Mexico Match

Posted On 17 Apr 2015
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United States and Mexico with little football became a millionaire business.

History repeated itself, the football teams of US and Mexico played the match 64, and again the economics of the benefits that left the organizers was the big winner.

It is estimated that box office revenue and sponsors, the match played on Wednesday night at the Alamodome, San Antonio, Texas, left more than 10 million dollars in revenue.

The setting could not be more “appropriate” to sell a friendly senseless and sports significance, especially for Mexico that came without the best players, or those expected will be in the next international commitments that have the Tricolor selection.

While the United States, which eventually achieved a 2-0 victory , was something more serious coach Jurgen Klinsmann and called the core team that expects to have in the future and especially in the upcoming Gold Cup.

The low Captain Clint Dempsey, injured, and Jozy Altidore, suspended, were less noticeable than they did Mexico, which formed a team of circumstances and with the sole purpose of fulfilling the record and be good million.

The goals in the second half by rookie Jordan Morris and Colombian-American Juan Agudelo, were the best party who witnessed nothing less than 64.369 spectators, a place full recorded in the stands Alamodome, new brand in the Texan city for a game that involved the Tricolor selection.

The previous record was of 54.313 spectators who attended last year to see the match between South Korea and Mexico.

$ 100 per ticket

Nothing compared to the first football match that took place in San Antonio between the US and Mexico, hence the fans, who came from most cities in Texas and beyond the border, would pay an average of more than $ 100 per ticket.

Never mind the cost, several weeks before the party would be held, the capacity was already sold out and insured economic business for the organizers.

Then talk about sports show little if anything on a pitch in poor condition, for many “regrettable” that being serious and not prevail business, you should not have played.

The players clearly showed that they did not want to risk anything in its actions and though they put their effort to end his great triumph was that none was injured.

The coach of Mexico, Miguel Herrera, the end of the party said that “he liked very much the team in the first part” when the marker pointed to a 0-0 draw and in which the only valid and highlight was the great spirit of encourage that put fans on both sides.

If the first part was not good for either of the two teams, not the second change much, with a pitch, which turned out to be watered during break time, which “infuriated” Herrera, very slippery and that United States is better to have more physical background players than Mexico adapted.

The goals did justice to this adaptation that took the team of the bars and stars, who also shown in the technical game, but once again was the best qualities used in the field and took advantage of opportunities to score.

America has now marks 18 wins, 32 losses and 14 draws against Mexico, and 05/05/13 against their direct rivals in CONCACAF since 2000.

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