Made in USA

FTC is formed to stop fraud, dishonesty and injustice in the market. It has the power to implement rules and regulations regarding made in USA when people claim that the product is of U.S origin. Traditionally when a product is marketed that it is made in America, all buyers think so. The detailed study of the marketing and labeling convinced the government that it announced a commission in 1997 to maintain the standard of products made in U.S. The commission made a policy to verify such claims and for the guidance of the people to get an idea that which is the manufacturing country of the product.

It was directed to the manufacturers that made in USA content should be disclosed on the products belonging to textile, automobiles and wool. Moreover there is not any law regarding made in USA that a product should be marketed or labeled as mentioned above or not.  There are some products of which recipe are printed on them along with the ingredients. This policy is defined for all the products which are advertised and sold in USA. So you can easily get an idea whether a product is manufactured in USA or in some other country.

Cotton denim jean material

The focus of the commission is on the labeling, marketing and material. It is not allowed to market a product as a whole USA product if they are made partially with USA based material. The company does not need to get approval from the commission to claim that a product is made in USA. If there is truth about the making of the product then the manufacturer can claim whatever he or she wants. When it is claimed that the product is made in USA, it means that it applies to all the 50 states in the country. The manufacturer or marketer who claims that a product is of USA should be supported with proof or content.

The finalization stage of the product manufacturing should be done in USA. Then the commission reviews it, its cost and the effort taken in the country. What parts are being used from the country and what are not? So a complete report is compiled to show results that whether a product is made in USA or not. Sometimes a small part of the process was completed by importing a product from some foreign country but the most significant parts are complete in USA. In this case the foreign interference is negligible so the name of USA would be used.

On the other hand there are some products which are formed by a company but in some other country so the name of the country where manufacturing unit is installed must be used. As a product can be manufactured in more than one country at the same time so the name of the country differentiate it from one another but the contents and other formulation remains the same. Whatever the product is you must be careful in using the world made in USA.