Marco Rubio Confirmed That The April 13 Announced Its Plans Towards Elections

Posted On 31 Mar 2015
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It would be the first time in history that two Hispanic aspire president of the United States.

Sen. Marco Rubio announced Monday a political event in Miami in two weeks, where he will announce his plans towards the 2016 presidential election.

Florida Republican did not say during a meeting with Fox News whether it will seek to run for the White House, and instead asked his supporters to enter your website to book tickets for the event.

“The April 13th announces my next step, either by the Chair or the US Senate,” he said.

Rubio a first generation immigrant, whose parents fled Cuba, could make history as the first president of Hispanic descent in the United States.

Rubio plans to demand to voter’s performance as the epitome of the American Dream, the child of a servant and a bartender who worked his law school and now has a place in Congress.

It is a convincing story for a gathering that has attempted to join with minorities and youthful voters. These two groups have shown consistent support for Democrats in recent presidential elections.

Rubio counselors see his candidacy as a way to detract follower’s Democratic bloc, although it would be almost impossible to remove them completely.

Rubio focused on that not compete the Senate and the presidency during the election of 2016, and his team worked as if their goal was the White House, including donors who have helped raise tens of millions of dollars to previous presidential candidates.

But Rubio will face a lot of competition towards the nomination, including his former mentor, the former governor of Florida, Jeb Bush.

Rubio could play up the Republican nomination with 20 other hopefuls.

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