May 2014, The Month Of Cosmic Gifts For Each Sign

Posted On 06 May 2014
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This month of May comes loaded with very good energy. Ends Mars retrograde traffic on 20 and there are several cosmic movements which emphasize a constant in your life: I fix when you define situations that did not have clear and you project safely to conquer new horizons.

Did you fear losing things away from your life? Quiet and peaceful! What has happened in the past is now history because in this present month transit from Taurus to Gemini will be all, and in abundance, from love, to economic resources that will surprise you.

This May ends the retrograde transit of your ruler, Mars, who has spent several months in the sign Libra causing some setbacks and delays. Day 19 is back live, mixing energy with Venus, planet of love, is in your sign Aries all the time, live from the 3rd of May.

An excellent period since spells the end of the mistakes, the beginning of a new love life and the consolidation of a relationship that was half wobbly. Uranus in your sign continues to live in his long journey, your imagination positively exciting.

Your health area is entering a period of great physical strength and energy level that surrounds you now be in a suitable arrangement to take concrete measures to fully renew, and even enter a gym. Keep the romance, hope and prospects, but do not rush to commit immediately or grow to live with that person right away. Define well the difference between physical attraction that is a passing emotion, and the feeling of love, which is more durable and stable.

Venus, your ruler, the planet of love, will enter the first sign of the zodiac on day 3, a great birthday gift for this month happens a second cycle in 2014 will end on 20 or 21 depending on your geographical latitude and longitude, because it is a cusp day, or the day that changes each sign. The early May have Mercury, planet of communication, direct in your sign.

It’s time to move, to present working papers, resolve disputes and fix any mistake. After the 20th, with Mars Direct, you will be amazed at how well everything in your life flows. If there were misunderstandings with a romantic partner when conciliation and settlement arrived.

You must be very careful not to commit an indiscretion that would endanger the peace of your love life. If you hear anything that wows you, this is not the best time to discuss it with anyone.
You made some promises that are not fulfilled, although other, happily, are very encouraging and crystallize. The best you can do these days to open your eyes and not blindly believe those who come to your side with tales, stories and gossip. I give everyone a so-called “benefit of the doubt.”

Mercury, the planet of communications, your ruler, continues to live, and this May in your sign from the 7th! This is formidable because transit will coincide with the start of your cycle birthday in this 2014 begins between 20 or 21 depending on your geographical latitude and longitude as it is peak day.

This period birthday will be tempered by the new moon in your sign on the 28th and marks a stage that is characterized by novelty and dynamic as many singles Gemini’s are beginning a path that can lead to serious loving commitment. Some places will hear wedding bells! The past is history. If that does not suffered disappointments already. Every day you open your eyes to the possibility of redoing your love life and if you are enjoying a stable relationship right now what sense does spoil?

The good planetary vibrations that are affecting your sign during the month of May will help you recover both economic and family problems while you get back on the right track to push through what you disturbed and troubled.

For you, Cancerian or the cycles of the moon, your ruler, is closely linked to your life. This May 14 we will have a full moon in a sign akin to yours, that is, Scorpion, and then, towards the end of May, a new moon in Gemini sign. This is a prelude to what will be in the month of June, the beginning of your cycle birthday. These weeks you have before you will be renewal, constant action and adventure as you will be amazed of what will happen in your love life, both in the case of single or unmarried Cancers and those who have a stable relationship.

Something unexpected can cause you worry and feelings of suspicion and apprehension related to your partner. If so take a deep breath and do not give free rein to your language because then you’re going to complicate things. Take it all in an intelligent and mature way.

Envelops the conqueror tone turns heads and evokes fantasies. Make good use of those strengths and not be discouraged by anything unexpected comes your horizon and emotional life now will give very pleasant surprises in that regard.

There are very good astral glow in your sign Leo during the month of May as doors and paths that seemed closed for some time for you, especially in the open field of love.

Understand that happiness is much more in your attitude to life and does not depend exclusively on the conditions and circumstances around you. By mid-month, with the direct emanation of the planet Mars, after 20, will enter what’s called the “cycle of consolidation” that give very specific steps you fan the flame of passion that seemed dormant or extinct.

Do not leave nothing undone or attempt, any ideas, however absurd it may seem you could represent the need to change your current position. Your sign Leo gets a good influence. A stage where business deals, money and work hard to get something for the people who are supposed to treat these issues assume Thing elusive positions ahead. Watch your firms especially during the first half of May.

The direct influence of your ruler, the planet Mercury, in transit through a sign that energy shares, as the Gemini, is contributing to this May become a period of perks and discoveries.

It’s time to mentally wonder: who once walked away from your side will be trying to come back and causing you grief, stop bothering because better understand the cycles of life, which comes and stays, which comes and goes. It’s like a train of many stops in a station whose rise and makes the trip with you to the end, but others were simply left at the next station and more and never see him again.

If you want a job there are many real chances of success, but always remember to do your part to not burden you with no worries and make a sad face. Be careful because you are impressionable and perhaps let you manipulate by someone who tells you being single or unmarried, when the truth is that it is committed. When things seem too “good and easy” you should open your eyes.

What good news to deliver us! Since Mars retrograde in your sign came last March I’ve been involved in some pleasant confusing situations, others less so, but that has been able to weave in your natural social touch and your innate beauty.

Venus, your ruling planet of love, is in the sign of Aries fire from 3, Direct, which will inspire much it puts active and sparkling touch that you were needing to make your intimate life is totally shock you. You will notice a “before and after” and the least you thought you did not happen in a meeting scheduled through social media.

Do not let concerns you remove sleep. There are many issues that require your attention, but if you want to solve all neglect your personal life and rest assured that very soon you will be paying the consequences. Your health requires attention. You have the green light to do whatever you like with your money, but before buying anxiously separated enough to cover your expenses and do not let a false sense of blind optimism jeopardize your high debt economy.

Although during the month of May continues the retrograde transit of Saturn, the great teacher, by your sign, and your ruling, the planetoid Pluto, is on the move, the news is good as it will be the 14th full moon, that is, Moon scorpion precisely in your sign. It transforms your emotional outlook and two fortnights looming fully defined.

The first is rather setting, preparing for what comes next. The second dynamic movements, changes, removals and travel. Also positive energy vibration of Mercury Direct help you find the right people in difficult times and come out on top or airy situations arising for.

You will notice how you feel rejuvenated, ready to put all your energy into a new business, a relationship or an activity out of the ordinary. The direct transit of the planet Mercury, together with the positive movement of Jupiter will help you see everything with a more fluid, open, dynamic, more tone according to your style. Applies harmonious qualities of your sign and do not let someone outside your relationship invade your privacy and your time. It is a month to live in peace with the people you love, ignoring the troublemakers.

Persists extraordinary positive influence of Jupiter, your ruler, transiting Cancerian sign throughout the month and direct energies of Venus, Mercury, and Mars-the latter from 20 - are transformed in a clear way all these issues which had acquired a hue and inextricable thought were not going to be able to solve.

Know say “no” to opportunistic people who approach you to flatter you and try to take advantage of you by many means. One I manipulation by creating you “guilt complex” for not doing what they wanted you to do. The other asking for money or services not thinks giving back. Be alert and no one may deceive you.

There is a happy touch to your love affairs, but at the same time a note of reflection that will help you avoid making the same mistakes of the past again, especially if you are starting a relationship and you feel tempted to criticize everything. With discipline and sense of organization will achieve more than arguing or trying to impose your views on your work. In other respects, if you’re looking for a job, and cannot find, quiet, there is a looming possibility. Your unsurpassed ease of conquest and success in love.

Although Saturn is still retrograde, which is your ruling and transiting Scorpio entire month, and the planetoid Pluto is retrograde in your sign, you should not worry more than usual as these events what they are is helping you to see clearly the way you have ahead. The glow of the full moon of the 14th, extending until 28 new moon create an enabling framework for reflection.

Were you worried about not knowing what would happen to that relationship incipient, or your finances or work? Thankfully now all that see it clearly, and your decisions will not be colored by emotional impulses, but by the wisdom and maturity.

If you said or did something inappropriate, apologize, period, no grudges hostels because such feelings do not lead to anything good. May has unique characteristics in your love life because you feel compelled to leave the past behind, face your current reality with common sense that characterizes you and start a completely new stage. No things easier but only by your emotions and make better decisions consider supporting you in your heart and in your head.

The positive influence of Uranus, your ruler, direct, in its lengthy transit through Aries, continues to be associated with the impact of Venus and Mercury, as well as Mars, Live from the 20 with what a true Aquarian stage is formed, a time and space in which anything can happen.

Were there any problems between you and another person? Quiet and calm, listen to the answers that satisfy you! It will expand your emotional appropriately horizon and that you considered diffuse or vague, it becomes a constant reality in your life, day by day. Many natives of your sign of the air element will not soon forget living stages in their love reality.

In your love affairs have a good astral cycle of your part and you wrap this intimate tone that captivates and passionate, but you must be careful not to become embroiled in scenes of jealousy. This planetary motion acts as a reminder of what you should and should not do to make your love life to thrive and flourish as it should. Do not forget that even the closest relationships need to be cultivated.

During this May your ruler, Neptune, continues live precisely in your Piscean sign and this movement associated with the action of Venus, planet of love, in Pisces, the first week of this cycle, and the direct influence of Mars from 20 creates the environment for des that qualitative leap that will catapult you forward in the right direction, towards the target environment.

The Moon in the New Moon phase Day 21 will help you put it all in perspective, to focus your energy on what is really significant in your love and economic life and not pay attention to those who come to your side to disturb your peace of mind with words and negative sentences.

You act more spontaneously and not look out both small things but they all look the other times, because indecisive reactions have lost opportunities. At this stage your ability to absorb the energy of others like a sponge and is accentuated because it can backfire if you negative people around you feel depressed and exhausted. Take steps to protect your privacy do not be overcome by discouragement.

There are some people around you who only know how to speak of misfortunes, diseases and problems. If you go to tracks spread his pessimism and that’s not healthy.

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