Melissa Lower Weight To Fulfill Her Dream Of Entering The Marine

Posted On 08 May 2014
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Melissa Beer told she was overweight and was not fit to enter the marine for that reason, but that rather than discourage, motivated.

After spending her entire life enduring taunts about her size, Melissa decided not to pay more attention to those comments.

This girl went from size 22 to size 10, not because it will affect the reviews, but because it stopped her from making her dreams.

Melissa left behind the days where you had to endure that others made fun of her weight.

For she had more relevance know your fitness exercise would prevent the career of their dreams, all the negative comments received.

With the decision to go, Melissa enrolled in a weight loss camp and got amazing results.

Although remember who lived very sad times pro bullying today knows that this time has been forgotten. With its new size made the physical evidence to enlist in the Navy and she succeeded.

With his 23 years, Melissa knows that it is wrong to judge people by their outside before knowing, but also recognizes that it was not appropriate weight she had.

To achieve its low-cut Melissa had to make radical changes in your lifestyle.

Forgot to binge eating.

At camp exercise routine was not simple.

After strenuous workouts and combine them with a healthy diet, Melissa achieving her purpose.

Not only leave behind the harassment by her size.

She could also cover the requirements of the ‘Royal Navy‚Äô.

Now she is a healthy and a future in which her exterior is not a problem kid.

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