Miami Beach Against The Construction Of The Stadium Beckham

Posted On 26 Apr 2014
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MIAMI, Florida - Residents and city officials in Miami Beach were convinced that the construction at the Port of Miami to become a football stadium traffic a nightmare.

At a meeting Wednesday at the council of this city commissioners and residents disagreed with the choice of site for construction of the football stadium, a project that is the main image and investor David Beckham English ex-footballer.

While agreeing to show their support for the project, made ​​it clear that the initiative to build the port of Miami on a football stadium with seating for 25,000 fans “would hurt the quality” of life in the neighborhood.

“I feel as if I was forced to leave my city, the city where I was born,” because we have become a “parking lot,” said a neighbor at the meeting of South Beach, according picked the Miami Herald.

Earlier this month, city commissioners cast a symbolic vote Shower Football Stadium in Miami project but opposed its construction in the harbor.

Experts in road traffic claim that a preliminary analysis indicates that the number of vehicles per hour that circulate by the MacArthur Causeway highway, which connects Miami Beach to the city center would increase from 2,700 to 5,000 cars, the newspaper added.

Opposition to the plan of building the stadium in the port has the favor of the American company Royal Caribbean, which has decided to take action with interested companies, through a publicity campaign to counter this initiative.

On the website of the Miami Seaport Alliance, composed of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Norman Braman and several associations of stevedores, emphasizes that this port is the second engine of the economy of Miami-Dade County, after tourism, and annually generates 27,000 million to the local economy, with 207,000 jobs.

According to this organization, “the mere hint of a port operation as not disturbing the football stadium” could jeopardize thousands of jobs and have a very negative effect. ”

Among the authorities who have spoken out include the Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado, who recently told Efe that the construction of the football stadium in the port of Miami is facing legal difficulties, because the land that once gave City can only be used to port activities.

But the group of investors led by Beckham keeps the campaign that seeks to build on the impressive port of Miami stadium of the future team in Major League Soccer (MLS) of the city.

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