Mountain Destinations In North America

Posted On 02 Apr 2014
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Mountain tourism is a recent phenomenon. The mountain exercises, like the beach, a great attraction to tourists. Tourists come to love nature and peace above all to practice. Winter sports although the phenomenon is still relatively unknown in other Europe, there are plenty of reasons to go. To ski to North America, In America it is winter tourism a rapidly growing industry.

On the continent there are two major mountain ranges that offer many recreational opportunities. On the east coast lie the Appalachians that span more than 1,000 kilometers from the northern state of Vermont to the state of Georgia in the south. The highest peaks of this chain are the Mount Mitchell 2038 meters and 1918 meters with the White Mountains. The second North American mountain range formed by the famous Rocky Mountains. The Rocky Mountains stretch from Yukon Territory in Canada and Alaska to the U.S. border into Mexico with a total length of over 4,000 kilometers. The highest peak of 6187 meters is Mount McKinley in Alaska, and is named.

U.S. resorts to explicitly distinguish the European offer in two areas: the favorable dollar exchange rate and the fact that the European Alps are still valid as a mass destination. Thanks to an abundance of trails, there are virtually no crowds in American destinations. Also, the weather conditions are so beneficial that can be. Ski in the months of December to February one of the factors that may affect the tourist has a negative effect are the side effects such as dizziness and fatigue that can be used by the average height of 3000 meters.

The western states

In the north are the states of Montana and Wyoming where some ski resorts are located. The famous Glacier-Waterton Park in Montana offers excellent opportunities for mountain hiking. Wyoming is many places like Jackson Hole, with chalet-style accommodation and ski facilities. Also in the states of Utah and New Mexico are many ski resorts to be found. In the city of Salt Lake City, Utah Winter Olympics were held in 2002. At this time, this former mining town, the number one winter destination in Utah. The second destination is the town of Snowbird by 48 runs. In this town was winter the main economic activity. Also in New Mexico many winter sports, despite the southern location of the state. On the border of Colorado Taos Ski Valley are 72 runs. There is skiing from November to May, and thanks to the geographical location of New Mexico, there are just as many hours of sunshine and in North Africa.

Of all the states in North America Colorado is best known as a winter sports destination. The mountain area of ​​this state is six times as large as that of Switzerland. The area is part of the Rocky Mountains and has 25 different resorts. The two most popular destinations are Aspen and Vail.

The eastern states

The ski resorts in the eastern states of North America are known by the locals. In New York, the Catskill Mountains and the Adirondack Mountains to find. In the northern part of the Appalachians are Cannon Mountain and Mountain Wildman famous ski destinations. In the southern part, Warm Springs, the main resort. The Rich Blue Mountains at Wintergreen is another possibility. These places are located in the state of Virginia, which the Americans are very popular because of the walking.


The winter tourism in Canada focuses on the local population and visitors from the United States. In the east there are opportunities in Newfoundland, other Atlantic provinces, and in the province of Quebec. The latter is due to the locations Mont Sainte Anne and Sainte Adele most visited. In western Canada are found, which can be used in areas such as Banff in Alberta there. Skied the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia, many resorts, such as Tod Mountain, Kimberley and Whistler.

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