New York Could Face More Frigid Wave In 20 Years

The cold wave plaguing New York this Friday could intensify in the next few days and cause winds to cause a sensation of cold -34 degrees Celsius, a temperature that has not been seen in the city since 1994.

According to the National Weather Service The Weather Channel, the temperature could drop the Monday morning below -10 degrees Celsius, which added to the icy winds expected entailing the cold wave could produce deadly levels of intense cold.

The severe drop in temperature began to feel this Friday, when the thermometer reached -6 degrees Celsius, and reached its lowest on Monday morning, when unusually low temperatures are expected this time of year.

Meanwhile the weather service AccuWeather predicted heavy snow for the New England area, located in the northeast corner of the country, which could shed up to 30 inches of snow.

“Even in remote areas of the center of the storm in the Atlantic means can you experience a cold that threatens the life, the risk of outages due to strong winds and the possibility of road closures and cancellations of travel,” said AccuWeather.

Lea: Temporal white covers the northeastern United States.

The service said the cold wave would affect about 100 million people of the East Coast and Great Lakes region in the United States.

Meanwhile, the National Weather Service reported that the heaviest snowfall stretching from northeastern Massachusetts to the coastal part of Maine, and the winds could exceed 100 mph.

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