Nokia Will Invest $ 100 Million In Technology For Smart Cars

Posted On 06 May 2014
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The Finnish company now will focus on investing in fields other than telephony.

Following the sale of its mobile telephony to Microsoft, the Finnish company is now turning its attention to a sector that is showing many opportunities due to the rapid changes taking place: smart cars.

Nokia Growth Partners, venture capital Group Company, plans to invest up to $ 100 million in companies that develop smart technologies and communication vehicles. “The car is becoming a platform as in the day when the phone became a smartphone and a host of applications and services developed around this developed,” explained from Nokia.

Nokia has a strong presence in the field of automotive electronics through its Navteq division, focused on supplying map data and location for satellite navigation systems for vehicles.

Through its brand Here, Nokia technology also extends to smartphones and tablets. In addition the company has 6,000 employees working in mapping. But Nokia wants to make much larger changes that go beyond navigation and probably become a different driving experience as we know it today.

The automotive industry is moving toward a radical transformation which implies pushed by Google cars that drive or car-to-car communication car among others. “We are seeing a large number of changes that are coming to the entire ecosystem of cars through the combination of mobility and the Internet,” explained Nokia.


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