Obama Calls For A Public Debate On Encryption

Posted On 17 Feb 2015
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President Barack Obama said Friday he probably more than anyone in the security forces would opt for a strong data encryption, adding that understands the concerns of researchers in the field by the need to protect the people from possible attacks.

He suggested a “public conversation” about the issue because “the first time an attack takes place where we had the initiative is not able to follow the public will demand answers.”

Obama was interviewed by technological Web site Re / code after speaking at a summit of the White House cybersecurity and consumer protection held at Stanford University.

“For this is a public conversation should end up with,” he said. “I incline probably more in the direction of a strong encryption system some within the security forces. But I agree with them because I know the kind of pressure they are under to keep us safe. And not everything is as white or black as we sometimes painted “.

The trend toward strong data encryption and harmful followed recent revelations that the US government was collecting phone records and digital communications of millions of people not suspected of crime.

Officials of the security forces say the encrypted data could hinder criminal investigations excluding potentially useful information legal limits. Privacy advocates disagree.

Obama said that companies like Apple are “adequately responding” to the market demand because people, including him, wants to know that their private conversations remain so.

The iMessage Apple platform, for example, provides encrypted text messages from beginning to end, unlike traditional. This encryption might assume that the only way the police would have to see those messages would be getting the iPhone user. Apple has sold hundreds of millions of devices using iMessage.

Obama says he wants to “bridge the gap” in the different currents on what is more valuable: the privacy or security. He said people advocating a tight encryption quite also be protected from terrorists.

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