Obama Launches A Guide To Combat Sexual Abuse In Universities

Posted On 29 Apr 2014
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The U.S. Vice President, Joe Biden, along with President Barack Obama.

The White House announced that President Barack Obama launched on Tuesday a package of recommendations to combat sexual abuse in universities.

The measures are the first of a series of actions to prevent and address a type of aggression that victimizes one in five students in the United States.

The recommendations are issued three months after the signing of a memorandum that formally created the White House Commission for the Protection of Student Sexual Assault.

“I want to ensure we are doing everything we can to avoid another American trauma of sexual abuse,” Obama said on January 22 after the meeting with the Council on Women and Girls White House. “This is not just a nightmare for them and their families, is an affront to everything we have worked so hard to achieve. It is totally unacceptable. ”

The guide

The guide to protect students from sexual assault will be presented by Vice President Joe Biden at a public event. At dawn the White House ahead of the guidelines developed by the commission.

The recommendations emplaced universities to develop anonymous surveys to know the state of affairs in each center so we can better respond to the situation.

The government also opened a website in which students will learn in detail your rights and what to do if they are victims of abuse.

On this portal, universities also find a number of protocols for cases of sexual assault, as well as explanations of success measures taken by other centers.

Protection of victims

The guide also mentions that the confidentiality of victims is a key point.

The federal government insists universities in its new recommendations, because only 12% of abuses are reported.

“The president and the vice firmly believe that all students, women and men have the right to live free from the threat of sexual abuse,” a senior government official who preferred to remain anonymous and who was quoted by the news agency EFE.

“This is not a women’s issue. We need men to redouble their efforts at every stage, both to educate children when they are younger, and when they are closer to the age where they can be attacked,” he added.

Hispanic victims

The ceremony of delivering guidance Hispanic assist victims of sexual abuse, he said the White House. One, Jasmin Enriquez, is an activist from Southern California who graduated in 2013 from Penn State University.

The government explained that after being sexually assaulted in her senior year in high school and as a freshman in college, he decided to talk about their experiences in trying to make an impact in the community.

Enriquez has been working since February with the Office of the Vice President and the White House to discuss the issue of sexual assaults in universities and how to prevent them.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says the guide, conducted a systematic review of primary prevention strategies to reduce sexual violence in universities.

Assistance to victims

The new strategy includes measures to protect the confidentiality of victims and assistance in the search for advice and support and to train school officials to investigate and address them effectively.

Also recommendations for reporting abuse and punish the perpetrators, but especially help survivors recover.

The Justice Department adds, help by developing new training programs for university officials involved in the investigation and resolution of cases of sexual assault.

All schools and universities nationwide will receive guidance on how to improve their research protocols and care for victims.

When the commission was established on January 22, Obama also said that the Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, and the Pentagon, has taken steps to reduce sexual abuse in the military, and that the Commission will also seek to prevent attacks against immigrant’s homosexuals and transsexuals.

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