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Posted On 09 Dec 2014
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President Barack Obama changed his job for a few minutes as mandated by the presenter of the program of political satire “The Cobert Report”, which made a mockery of his critics.

The chair Stephen Colbert, who poses as a radical ultraconservative in its program, Obama said of himself: “That man is so arrogant, I bet he speaks in the third person.”

The president also changed the name of one of the most popular sections of the program, “The Word” (the word), for “The Decree”, decree, referring to the criticism he has received for using his executive power to issue a immigration relief to 5 million undocumented immigrants .

Colbert, who recorded this special program at George Washington University in the capital, said that Obama criticized George W. Bush in 2008 for his accumulation of executive and snapped, “You seem to have a large amount of power.”

“For the first time, you make me a sensible question,” Obama said laughingly; “My preference would be to do more with Congress,” he added.

Obama said he was “more powerful” behind the desk of Colbert, but he added that “loves” her work in front of the White House.

The president used the informal tone of the occasion to make a personal confession: usually leave the socks on the floor, something not like his family.

“No one (at home) treats me as president. When I get home, no trumpets (triumphalistic) and Michelle , Malia and Sasha tease me mercilessly about my big ears and my boring suits, “he added.

Colbert, once regained control of the program, told the president: “He employed many people, especially as defense secretary,” referring to both job creation in the US and the appointment of its fourth leader of the Pentagon, Ashton Carter , replacing Chuck Hagel and after Robert Gates and Leon Panetta .

Harnessing the latest presidential visit to your program, expiring on December 18, Colbert tried to ask any of the nuclear codes, but Obama was adamant in his refusal.

With this Monday, Obama has participated three times in this popular show on Comedy Central, the last time in 2009.

The popular presenter, who is actually a progressive in the ideological opposite of his television character, relieve David Letterman in front of the Late Show on CBS.

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