Obama Seek To Reverse Automatic Budget Cuts

Posted On 30 Jan 2015
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US President Barack Obama will announce Thursday his plans to reverse the automatic budget cuts in defense and other expenses charged in 2013.

The automatic cuts began to be implemented in 2013 after Democrats and Republicans failed to reach agree on how to reduce the US deficit.

The cuts were aimed at cutting spending a trillion dollars by 2021 but are labeled by critics as disastrous for employment and harmful to the US military arbitrary measures.

“The president will propose ending the cuts that threaten our economy and our military,” said an official from the White House.

The draft “President’s budget completely void these cuts for national priorities and those investments correspond to the resources they need our soldiers to keep the United States safe.”

It is anticipated that during a visit to Philadelphia on Thursday night, Obama promise to end what he called responsible “manufactured crisis and austerity senseless” and anticipate the budget figures.

On Monday, officially

The entire project will be officially informed Obama on Monday but both houses of Congress controlled by Republicans, it is predictable that addresses stiff opposition.

The issue of automatic cuts also creates divisions within the Republican Party, among those seeking severely reduces spending and those who wanted to keep safe from these measures to the army.

In its budget proposal, Obama will request an increase in military spending for 2016 to 585,000 million, exceeding the limit imposed by Congress, according to US officials indicated.

This increase is explained among others by defense spending war in Afghanistan and the operation against the group Islamic State (ISIS, for its acronym in English) in Iraq and Syria, said a military official.

Obama also proposed eliminating tax benefits to enhance spending on infrastructure and research in medicine, particularly antibiotics.

Republicans are likely to perceive it as a tax increase, to which many of them are opposed.

“If Congress rejects my proposal and refuses to back down on these automatic cuts will endanger our economy and military,” Obama said in an editorial published Thursday in the journal Huffington Post.

“I know some congressional Republicans disagree with my strategy, and I am anxious to know how they will find the money to allow the middle classes are better.”

Obama explained several of the proposals already evoked in his annual State of the Union, such as paid sick leave and gratuity of some university courses for some students.

The US budget deficit for 2014 reached its lowest level in six years (483,000 million through September) thanks mainly to increased revenues resulting from the economic recovery, through first the first time since 2007 to be below 3% of GDP.

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