Obama Signs Bipartisan Budget Agreement

Posted On 29 Dec 2013
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Modest Solution 2015

President Barack Obama on Thursday approved a bipartisan budget law reducing automatic spending cuts for two years, a modest solution to a year marked by intense disputes between the White House and Congress on the issue.

Obama signed the bill while vacationing in Hawaii. The agreement reduces board cuts that are already scheduled for deployment, so restores 63,000 million over two years. Includes 85,000 million in other savings, The Associated Press.

Not the grand bargain that Obama and congressional Republicans wanted, but it soon breaks the cycle of recurring fiscal crises to prevent another government shutdown occurs for almost two years.

What do you think of this budget agreement?

The signing of the bill represents one of the last official acts of Obama in a year plagued with problems in Washington, including the partial government shutdown , a threat that the Treasury payments fell into arrears, a dismal start to the government Web site hiring medical insurance and an almost perpetual stalemate in Congress.

Also the National Defense Act

Efe recalled that the preliminary agreement was agreed earlier this month by Rep. Paul Ryan, chairman of the Budget Committee of the House, and Sen. Patty Murray.

In the package of laws initialed by the president of the National Defense Act for the fiscal year that began Oct. 1 and includes the level of expenditures for programs in the Department of Defense and some other Department of Energy and Transport is also found.

In a statement, the president said that the law “will provide pay and bonuses for our officers, strengthen counter-terrorism initiatives, improve the security capacity of our partners, and increase prevention of sexual assaults and protect victims” in reference to the new provisions of the rule aimed at combating sexual harassment in the Army.

He also recalled that the law authorizes funds to continue the transfer prisoners from Guantanamo Bay, a prison created in 2002; Obama said, “weakens national security to be a drain of funds, damage relationships with allies and embolden violent extremists.”

The defense bill rebate restrictions for prisoners who have already been cleared, most of the 158 detainees currently can leave the prison.

The President welcomed the greater flexibility is given to the Executive to speed transfers and said avoids conflict with the other branches of government at the time to carry them out.

Agency France Press notes that, with regard to the budget, it is considered that the enacted text will signal greater fiscal stability of the country, after the drama caused by the partial closure of the federal government services in October.

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