Obama Slams Republicans For Budget Condition

Posted On 06 Mar 2014
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U.S. President Barack Obama criticized Republican lawmakers to condition approval of the budget and the debt ceiling to the elimination of programs such as health, in order to advance his political agenda.

“In the next two days, those Republicans will have to decide whether to join the Senate and maintain open and running the government or create a crisis that will harm the population, with the sole purpose of advancing their political agenda,” warned Obama his Saturday message.

The president said that if Congress does not approve the budget Monday, when the fiscal year ends, the government will paralyze its operations, as well as many other vital services on which people depend.

He said the Senate on Friday approved a bill to keep the government open, but some Republicans in the House of Representatives “have been more concerned to appease an extremist faction of his party which strives to pass a budget.”

He said lawmakers also have to vote in the next two weeks to allow the Treasury Department to pay the bills that Congress money already spent.

“The breach of this responsibility would be much more dangerous than a government shutdown, closure would be economic effects not only in the country but worldwide,” he said.

Obama noted that some Republicans condition their vote, not only eliminating Care Act Affordable Health, but to change the laws to reduce taxes on millionaires.

Have also demanded that Obama agree to back the rules for large banks, and the contaminant to the environment and other “favorite” projects of the most conservative Republicans.

He recalled that on October 1 the so-called health insurance market that would give the opportunity to “tens of millions of people living in the United States, the same opportunity as others to obtain health care of good quality and affordable cost” will open.

Obama said the HealthCare.gov Web site offers information on health plans at lower prices.

“About six in 10 people without health insurance in the United States will be able to get health coverage for $ 100 or less,” he said.

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