One Dead, 27 Hospitalized In New York Leakage

Posted On 24 Feb 2014
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One person died and 27 more were hospitalized following a carbon monoxide leak.

The victim, a 55 year old man.

One person died and 27 others were hospitalized in the night from Saturday to Sunday because of a carbon monoxide leak recorded at a restaurant in a mall in upstate New York, authorities said Friday.

The deceased is a 55 year old man, head of the restaurant where the incident occurred, said in a statement the Police Department Suffolk County.

Emergency crews rushed to the restaurant after receiving a call warning of fading of a woman and evacuated the premises immediately to find signs of leaking carbon monoxide.

The farm manager was found unconscious in the basement of the restaurant and was taken to hospital where his death was certified.

Another 27 people, including three police officers and four members of the emergency crews, joined several area hospitals with symptoms of poisoning, but her life was in danger. The investigation, police said, focuses on the local heating system.

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