Libertarian Party

“Neither right nor left, nor centrist. Simply free is better”

So, how many political parties in the U.S.? Most of the inhabitants say that they, of course, two: no wonder the American political system is described as a two-party. But in fact there is a lot more than you’d imagine. On the one hand, they are really two: Republican and Democratic, who for more than 150 years of determined political life. On the other – there are other political organizations, one way or another influence on American society.

Libertarian Party of the United States today is called the third largest party in the country, which is quickly gaining momentum, with each year attracting more public attention. So what exactly is the American Libertarian Party?

Modern Libertarian Party of the United States was formed relatively recently – in 1971 on the initiative of the famous American politician David Nolan. As the name of the Party, the basis of its political goals, or the ideology of libertarianism is (Liberty – freedom). Actually, the term its modern meaning was only in the mid XX century, when American politician Leonard Reed in the mid 40′s for the first time declared himself a libertarian, thus distinguishing themselves from the Liberals period of “New Deal”, standing on the protection of personal freedom and public reallocation of resources. Despite the diversity of the various trends that exist within the libertarian framework of this ideology can be defined as “Less government, more freedom.” (Minimum government, maximum freedom). That is, libertarians defend the human right to complete political and economic freedom, and the state relegated to the role of “night watchman.” American libertarians often refer to the works of the founding fathers of the United States, laid the foundations of individualism in the country, Thomas Jefferson, that “the best government – the one that governs least” many modern libertarians called the founder of the party. By the way, a huge impact on the libertarian ideology in the U.S. had a native of St. Petersburg, Alice Rosenbaum, known around the world under the name of Ayn Rand.

The impetus for the creation of the Libertarian Party, which this year will celebrate its 40th anniversary, it was the 37th U.S. President Richard Nixon on August 15, 1971, which proclaimed the beginning of a “new economic policy”, concludes the first, price freeze and wages, and secondly, in the rejection of the gold standard. All this was very far from what the founding fathers laid the American state, so in December 1971, David Nolan, a group of activists and representatives of the movement “Young Americans for Freedom» (Young Americans for Freedom) give rise to a new American PartyLibertarian.

The emblem of the party was originally selected black arrow pointing upwards, crossing the abbreviation “TANSTAAFL” (There Isn’t No Such Thing as a Free Lunch) – approximate equivalent of the phrase may be a saying “Free cheese only in a mousetrap”, i.e. cannot get anything for free – everything has its own, albeit a hidden price. A little later logo party proposes to make the penguin freedom, but in the end everything is decided on the Statue of Liberty, and the slogan of the Party was the phrase Party of Principle. Throughout its 40-year existence of the party managed to achieve some success. Theodora Nathan, the Libertarian Party’s representative, became the first woman nominated for vice-president of the USA and to take part in the vote of the Electoral College. Since 1972, the Libertarian Party every four years to nominate candidates for the post of head of state. The best result in 40 years showed Edmund Clark for election in 1980 (1.1%), the second was Ron Paul, who collected the election in 1988 0.5% of the vote. Also, members of the Libertarian Party several times elected to the Legislative Assemblies of different states, but it is clear that they cannot compete with the Republicans and Democrats.

However Libertarian Party has fairly clear position on all issues of concern to the American public. They advocate the human right to choose their way of life, supporting abortion, the legalization of drugs and prostitution, protecting the freedom of religion, property rights, and oppose government censorship, defend economic freedom, believing that the state should not intervene in the economy and control the price of resources. Libertarians also support the adoption of the amendment, “the balanced budget” and require an immediate tax reduction. With regard to foreign policy, libertarians oppose U.S. intervention in other countries, considering it necessary to keep the troops only for defensive purposes, and, therefore, to carry out a peaceful foreign policy.

Importantly, what is today accused libertarians of the Republican and Democratic parties, so it is in the growth of the state apparatus, a deviation from the values ​​of classical liberalism and their lack of interest to change anything…

One of the main events of the last days of much debate in the world press was the nomination of Ron Paul (the one libertarian who ran for president in 1988), the Republican Party! Thus, 2012 could be the beginning of a new era for the Americans…