Pollution in USA

There is no doubt that USA is a good country in the world but when there is the matter of pollution in USA then it is one of the worst places in the world. It is a problem for nearly all kinds of industrial cities that they don’t care for the environment. The air or even water gets polluted with the chemical which they throw in drains. This pollution creates trouble for us so it should be avoided.

The drinking water is not worth drinking as it is polluted with chemicals and pharmaceuticals to a considerable level. These pollutants are not produced by the major industries but they are also produced from farms and small industries. The metals, parasites and bacteria are mixed with our drinking water system. USA cannot make its water treatment plant much better than they are currently in working. The only way to defeat water pollution in USA you need a filter on the tap which purifies the water.


The air pollution in USA has the mixing of liquid, solid, gaseous, odour and noise pollution which is dangerous for human being, animals and plants. Air pollution is caused by earthquake, industrial processes and volcano eruption. The pollution in the environment totally depends on the activities of human. Human being inhales oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide which is pollution in the environment so plants are required in larger quantity to produce high oxygen. Vehicle emissions are other sources to add pollution in USA so they should also be controlled to handle pollution issues in the countries like USA.

The air pollutants are divided in two categories such as primary and secondary pollutants. The primary pollutants are directly produced through a process such as ash produced from volcano. On the other hand indirect emissions are called secondary pollutants which are produced after reacting with the primary pollutants.