Population of USA

The population of world is nearly 6.8 billion and 4.5% of which is the population of United States. So in common you can say that there is an American out of every twenty people in this world. United States consists of 50 states and the population of all the states is called the population of USA.

According to the first census which was held in 1790, the population of USA is 3,929,214 but in 1900 it jumped to 75,994,575 which was a huge figure as compare to the other countries. In the census which was held in 1920 the population of USAcrossed the figure of one hundred million and it was 105,710,620. After fifty years more than 100 million people have been added to the population of United States. In 1970 the population reaches 203,302,031 so the growth of population in USA is very fast and quickly reaches to the current status.


In 2000 the population of United States became 281,421,906 and the figure of 300 million was reached in 2006. It was supposed that the USA population has crossed 300 million in October 17, 2006. The Census Bureau of USA made calculation and expected that the population of USA would be according to the following figures.

As the population of USA is 307,745,538 in 2010 so the projection of the ratio goes to 336,031,546 in 2020. After a decade it is expected that the population would reach 363,811,435 in 2030 and 392,172,658 in 2040.  The year of 400 million population would be 2043 and the next approaching figure is 420,080,587 in 2050. This is the guessed work and their might be some changes as well.

The population of USA is increasing quickly and it is noted that each 100 million is being added quickly than the previous one. The rate of increase in population can be guessed from this figure. The USA took more than 100 year to pass the first figure of 100 million in 1915. It became 200 million in 1967 just after 52 years only. It hit the mark of 300 million in less than 40 years and in next 37 years we are projected to reach the figure of 400 million.

There is tough competition among different countries to be placed on number one or two. It is estimated that the population of USA will become the 3rd largest country in 2050 with India on first and China on second. Nigeria is supposed to be on number 4 with 120 million little less than the USA population in 2050.

The fertility rate of USA is 2.1 which mean that each woman gives birth to 2 babies in her life. It also means that still no growth in population at all in the country as it is not worth mentioning rate. So how the population of USA is increasing and the answer is immigrants. The growing population of America is due to the immigration because the American population is growing 0.9% per year from 2007.