Sampaoli Predicted To Chile Is One Of The Bombshells In The World 2014

Posted On 26 Dec 2013
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The Argentine coach Jorge Sampaoli, who directs the selection of Chile expects his squad to be one of the surprises during the Brazil 2014 World Cup, though, must work for it.

Today “Red” is not a representation candidate for the title of the world, it would be illogical to think so, but Sampaoli is aware that the tournament unthinkable things can happen, so you have to make good faith participation.

“History tells that things are always put in place, and the natural candidates are the usual. Surprises can generate maybe the possibility that Chile is part of them, but the rest of what was the previous world never have changed absolutely nothing, “he said.

In an interview at the FIFA website, Chile strategist added that think the title is impossible for now, to be in Group B two powers like Spain and Holland as well as Australia.

“I think the teams that will compete; think today we can be candidates to win the World Cup is illogical. Then there may be a lot of situations that may give you the chance to get to compete and be on top of situations that maybe today would not think. “

Asked his players hunger and desire to succeed in order to excel in the competition in Brazil, there are options for advancing to the next round, but must demonstrate that they wish.
“We must live the first phase of the world as a normal phase, what we had to deal with the grandeur and work to try to overcome it. For that we need players who are hungry, who need the glory and come to look at the world.”

He acknowledged that he was uncomfortable that fans see the South American squad as favorite for the title, but promised the best work of the team to surprise in Brazil.

“It sort of bothers me a little, because it is unreal. Bothers me that they are hopeful that it is capable of Chile to win a World Cup. But we will try, in our work, be a team that works and to live up to compete with anyone. “

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