Samsung Introduced A Sophisticated Smart Bracelet

Posted On 12 Mar 2014
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Samsung continues to expand its product portfolio with bracelet Gear Fit.

Wearable undeniably for lovers of sports in its extension applied, incorporating alongside the more obvious timer, monitor sleep, a measure of heart rate monitor and a pedometer exercise, which helps control steps dice on the covered surface.

Adding to this compendium of supervision the exercise, Fit the new Gear is capable of alerting on notifications of calls, emails, SMS, alarms and various tasks. In practice, the experts claim that it has the same features as the smartwatch, but no ability to take pictures, or talking on a microphone.

But without doubt the most unique new model that has been relevant in the last Congress eco mobile phone has been its design, which incorporates the first curved screen of these tools: the super AMOLED of 1.84 inches with a resolution of 432 x 128 pixels. The full dimensions of the model are 23.4 × 57.4 × 11.95 mm and weighs 27 grams.

Advantages targeting those who are reserving-the worldwide launch on April 11, along with new Galaxy S5 are much better possibility of resistance to the use of the battery, something previous models suffered.

210mAh battery lets you work 3 to 4 days in intense, and up to 5 days for everyone using moderately. Of course, despite the delicate termination model, the manufacturers claim that the resistance to water and dust is beyond question.

Currently manufacturers have not revealed the launch price. (Courtesy usa news).

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