Samsung Launches Smartphone Simplified Elder

Posted On 20 Feb 2014
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The new Core Advance is intended for use by people who are not used to this type of device.

The South Korean technology giant Samsung Electronics announced the launch of a simplified model of its Galaxy line of smartphones for users of older or not used to this type of devices.

The new product, called Galaxy Advance Core will work with Android Jelly Bean OS and will feature an “easy way” to use based on simple menus, larger images and three physical buttons on the bottom of the screen, against current trend to dispense with such controls.

The phone is meant for consumers more familiar with the keyboard and devices “that use a smartphone for the first time”, as Samsung said on its website. In addition, the electronics giant said in a statement that the new model of the Galaxy family “also provides enhanced functions of use and accessibility for disabled users” visual or otherwise, such as scanning documents and automatically converting files sound.

Advance Core Galaxy has a 4.7 inch screen, will be available in the colors blue and pearl, and will go on sale Tuesday in the South Korean market, while in the U.S. and in Europe there is not a date Release.

The product is added to other low-end versions of the Galaxy line as the Galaxy or Galaxy Grand Pop, a new Samsung attempt to capture new customers.

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