Scolari Believes That There Are Eight In Brazil Favorites To Win The World

Posted On 20 Feb 2014
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FLORIANÓPOLIS, Brazil - Brazil coach Luiz Felipe Scolari said today that in addition to Brazil, at least eight of the 32 teams that will compete in the 2014 World conditions have win the title, and especially commended Belgium.

“No two or three favorites, I think at least eight teams have won the World technical conditions,” said world champion with Brazil in 2002 in a press conference he gave after participating in Florianópolis organized a seminar on the logistics FIFA technicians competitors.

Brazil coach admitted that there are “strong” teams that can surprise Brazil but insisted that the hosts are the favorites.

“Obviously I point to Brazil as the top seed,” said coach reiterate the great confidence in conquering the sixth title for the country, as made clear in his statements in recent weeks.

“A hobby is able to win a game’s Important and I’ve already said that. We have a twelfth player and the advantage of playing at home. We have a competitive and quality selection. For all that I hope we can reach the final and be champions, “he added.

The coach admitted that in 2002, when he commanded the team that won the fifth title for Brazil, was not as optimistic because the team was out of credit and qualified for the tournament with difficulties.

“But now everything is different. We’re home and on an upward curve,” he said.

Under Scolari, among the favorites can be included Belgium, a selection in their opinion without large individual values ​​but can advance in the competition.

“In the World there are stars like Neymar, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, who are surely attractions but Belgium has excellent young people who are excelling in Europe and can be hard work,” he said.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who commanded as Portugal coach said if I was Brazilian convened for selection without any doubt. “Vote years ago it as the best in the world and certainly have a place in the team. Well it was a porter,” he said.

The technician confirmed that on May 7 announced the 23-man squad for the World Cup and the 13th of the same month announced a list of seven substitute players that may be included in the team if any of the former injury.

FIFA set a deadline for the end of May that the selections will communicate the list of 30 players each team may call for the World.

Regarding possible squad for the tournament outside of their regular players, the coach chose not to mention any specific player and refused talks with leaders on technical or any athlete in particular.

Scolari refused consultation with the technical committee on the conditions of Palmeiras striker Alan Kardec, as having called Clarence Seedorf, Milan Italian coach, to ask about the status of midfielder Kaka.

When asked about the chances of veteran Adriano, ‘Emperor’, who returned to action this month after nearly two years away from the court, stated that you consider all the Brazilian players, “some more than others, and some playing and others not two, three or five years. “

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