Selena Gomez, Bieber Was Replaced With Orlando Bloom?

Posted On 30 Apr 2014
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  • Now, Justin! How’d it been the eye that Selena can forget anytime?
  • It seems that Selena Gomez has a vacancy in her heart.

  • The singer was spotted very charming actor Orlando Bloom, who may be the candidate for the sweetheart Selena.
  • Oops! It seems they did not want anyone to see.
  • Orlando realized the presence of the paparazzi and immediately rose, while Selena covered her face.

  • But Selena, ‘too late’. The paparazzi caught juntitos well. According to TMZ, the couple arrived at the site in the same car.
  • What did these two together all alone on the sidewalk?

  • Selena looked a little worried.
  • Orlando, who has much more experience in this type of rumors, acted like nothing.
  • Selena did not look so calm.
  • After that, the rumors of an alleged romance between Selena and Orlando began to grow.
  • Orlando is already a mature man right for Selena, and made.
  • The young actor is gorgeous.
  • And he also has many fans who love him.
  • He is also a very sweet dad … Will this problem for Selena?

  • We do not know if Selena and Orlando bring something romantic in hand, but do bad partner.
  • Analyzing the situation, Orlando is a man centered.
  • The actor takes you 16 years to Selena difference.
  • Orlando is an established actor.
  • Will Selena got tired of trying to get back with Justin Bieber?
  • Selena looks increasingly little woman.
  • It is no longer a child, and they say the rumors may have been seduced by the age of Orlando.
  • And no wonder, Orlando is a man centered and few scandals you know.
  • According to the New York DailyNews site, Selena could walk on ‘date’ with the actor.
  • Will this rumor reached the ear of Justin Bieber?

  • Sure did not sit in the interpreter grace ‘Boyfriend’.
  • Neither Justin mode, if so, I won the girl a man to take you nearly 20 years.
  • If you ‘down the bride’ was because maybe she got tired of so many scandals.

  • Maybe it’s good to shake hands and accept defeat.
  • Although, with how crazy is Justin, do not know how to react to this news, if confirmed!
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