Selena Gomez? Pregnant Or Pure Gossip?

Posted On 21 Mar 2014
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  • It all started with this ultrasound a patient identified as Selena Gomez. ‘
  • And the fans went crazy, it was said that the singer was expecting not one, but two sons Justin.
  • He even said that when Justin and Selena were in Texas I went together to the doctor for a pregnancy test.

  • But all was a simple contraption, E Online reported that everything was a lie and that the sources were false.
  • We had already scared. Do you imagine the dads?
  • For now we do not believe that to be the case, as Justin keeps trying to regain the love of Selena, but even that has failed.

  • This photo was published earlier this year and it seemed that at last recovered Justin love Selena, but Bieber scandals led to offensive text and photos that are sent.

  • After windowing his sexuality and say he was an alcoholic, Justin tries by all means to recover the heart of Selena.
  • But is not easy, because what girl will come back with someone who vented their privacy in public?
  • Good but Justin is determined to win her back, so this is what the singer has done.

  • Selena posted a picture on his Instagram and foot placed the message: “The world’s smartest princess.”
  • Selenite safe water was made eyes to read this, and talking a little heart.

  • Another step taken was Bieber for his conquest sends everything through a tube and travel directly to Texas, only to see his sweetheart.
  • Bieber shared a rich breakfast with the singer, who was touring here.
  • After the meeting, Justin maintained its strategy to conquer and put a message on his Twitter: “Now everything is fine.”
  • Selenite left the door open to reconciliation when she put the message on Twitter: “How good it feels to be together.”

  • Who does not fall with a hot balecito? Every woman loves her boyfriend knows how to dance.
  • Justin, who is all rude and outrageous, showed their best dance moves to Selena.
  • Phew, it’s hot! So sensual dance together, and the video will was revealed in all social networks.
  • Bieber loaded in his strong arms tattooed Selena.
  • Or not? Fell fell? Even if Selena is not confirmed with all these strategies decided to return to the ‘problem child’.
  • At least in the pictures you see that Selena was left wanting.

  • The girls we like the attention, so Justin Bieber dared to dedicate a song to one of his concerts, how romantic!
  • Looks like Justin and realized that ‘watered’ and even aired that Selena lost her virginity to him, now seems to be repentant and wants to regain the trust of his girl.
  • The controversial singer could not avoid losing his composure when asked about his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez during an interrogation four and a half hours.

  • Justin long is back, or so it seems.
  • Or do you not remember when he appeared surprised at the birthday party of singer?
  • But do not know if this couple will live a crazy love, what do you think?
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