Sentenced To 30 Years For The Bride Who Shot Her Husband Off A Cliff

Posted On 29 Mar 2014
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Other times: Jordan and Cody, when no one imagined the terrible end. Photo taken from Twitter.

30 years in prison for Jordan Graham Linn. The newlywed accused of shooting her husband in a ravine was found guilty and sentenced to imprisonment by a court in Montana.

The Court found her guilty of killing her husband, Cody Lee Johnson, 25, who drove off a cliff last July, just a week after getting married.

At first, Jordan, 22, had denied the facts, but then, she acknowledged that Cody pushed from behind, according to the prosecutor.

In addition to 30 years in prison, the federal court imposed Montana Jordan Graham Linn five years probation. The trial judge, Donald Molloy, has rejected the request of the accused of demeaning punishment to murder in the second degree. Neither the request of the family of the victim, who asked for her imprisonment.

The conviction was based on the young “did not feel the humanity of the wrongfulness of his actions or to seek help.”

Jordan and Cody were married on 29 June. Days later, she confided to friends that he had repented.

On the morning of July 7, 2013, during the honeymoon, Jordan and her husband went to church together in Kalispel, Montana. When they left, according to several witnesses testified then, Cody said that his new wife had planned a surprise for him. It had been just eight days of marriage. The couple moved on to Glacier National Park in Montana for a walk. The last to Cody.

“I just pushed. I was not thinking about where we were, “Jordan would say during the proceedings against him.

“After giving several false statements to law enforcement and obstructing investigation statements, providing false information, Graham finally admitted Cody pushed from behind with both hands,” prosecutors said in a statement.

One version of what happened maintains that Jordan told her husband to turn around to surprise and pushed him there. The man fell 300 feet and died. The latter itself is tested.

Another version claims that she gave him was not happy. “I do not think we should be married,” he added. As said, he grabbed her hand and she gave him released after fatal push.

During the trial, Graham has cried and assured the judge that her husband still wanted. “Not a day passes without my thinking of what happened and why I did not do things differently,” he told news agency reported Reuters.

Although Jordan has asked forgiveness Cody’s mother, has not done much to justice. The prosecutor and the prosecution have emphasized her lack of remorse and the “mental preparation” conducted before killing her husband during the fight in the mountains.

“It was a crime committed by someone with a clear mind, she decided to push her husband to empty” stressed the prosecution.

“I still have not heard that she killed Cody feels,” said the judge, that the judgment also has banned him Graham and his family take advantage of the case through the publication of books and television appearances.

Before hearing the verdict, Jordan said: “It was a shock and panic moment. I have no other explanation. “No one does.

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