Shakira Looks Great After Giving Birth

Posted On 16 Feb 2015
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  • Shakira continues to surprise a few days after giving birth.
  • Colombia is already like that, in their day to day.
  • And had the luxury of putting a “skinny jeans”.

  • The singer went to dinner with his family in Barcelona.
  • And looked beautiful!
  • Only now she left her small in house.
  • Her brother accompanied her arm at all times.
  • The family went out to dinner Mebarak sushi in Barcelona.

  • Where Piqué left?
  • But these images leave us note that the Colombian looks super good.
  • Behind them came their parents.
  • The Nidia and William gentlemen, addressing the vehicle.

  • Shakira gave us her best smile from the car.
  • Now, to return to house with the kids.
  • Shakira looks wonderful postpartum.
  • Soon you will return to the stage.

  • As good bodyguards, her young son Milan and her husband Gerard Piqué’s to its output.
  • The whole family got into her car and started off toward home.
  • Shakira did not try to hide from the thousands of cameras waiting outside the hospital to see Barcelona where he was relieved.
  • With flawless makeup and hair people surprised.
  • Greetings and the whole thing!
  • At all times we saw her smile.
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