Shakira, Shakira … Where Did You Go Calories

Posted On 15 Feb 2014
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  • Colombia is well known for having ‘sweet tooth’.
  • In interviews she has confessed that loves to eat and does not follow a strict diet.

  • The happier with her curves certainly Gerard Pique, who praises his girl curves.
  • How you managed to recover his body to die so fast after having babied?

  • Colombian told a magazine that did zumba while pregnant.
  • Thanks to this practice, ‘Shaki’ could keep her figure so well.
  • The singer is 37 years old and a figure that many girls wanted.
  • Best of all it’s ever gone with a surgeon to do arreglos.
  • Everything about her is natural!


  • The hours spent dancing is an important part of your daily routine.
  • So we saw last summer.
  • Just a few months after having to Milan.

  • DELETED has great metabolism.
  • It’s a great example for all women, as there is nothing private and is happy with her body.
  • It may not have the attributes of BeyoncĂ©, but its silhouette is of infarction.
  • Since its inception, the singer of ‘Loca’ and surprised us with their anatomy.
  • In her new video ‘Cannot remember to forget you’, Colombia boasts how well rested after having a baby.

  • In some shots goes sexy on a bed.
  • In other seems not bring clothes!

  • And there are more, where you see a bed making suggestive movements.
  • Can you believe it has 37 springs?

  • Many fans of both divas told ‘Shakis’ looked better than Rihanna, who is nearly 10 years younger.
  • Undoubtedly, Shakira is one of the best Latin singers and a hot body dream.
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