Shakira, Very Pregnant, Goes Shopping With Gerard Pique And Milan

Posted On 19 Dec 2014
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Since we missed our beloved Shakira.

Several days we had not seen ago.

This time the paparazzi caught shopping with Gerard and Milan.

The store located in Barcelona closed its doors for the famous couple could buy freely.

Piqué took some clothes.

The player asked for fashion advice to his wife.

And the singer did not hesitate to comment. Apparently she did not like much to chose the player.

We saw very hesitant with their purchases.

Shakira spoke with selling the shop to order the size indicated in its press.

OMG! Colombia’s tummy is about to burst.

With tremendous belly is normal that Colombian tire quickly.

After going around and around the store the couple decided to end their search.

Shaks left with huge dark glasses.

Piqué came out with their hands full, and that I did not like!

Shakira’s tummy’s attention.

Whether it is in the last stage of pregnancy.

But still not low heels.

As usual, the Colombian had zero makeup, hair tied, comfortable clothing.

They put purchases in the car.

Later they made ​​another stop, this time the charming Milan was with them.

It’s huge!

Will the small Milan ready to play the role of big brother?

We are sure you will make a great role.

Before boarding her car Shakira gave a smile to the cameras.

The brother of the singer tried to cover his nephew with a signal “stop” but it was too late.

We are anxious to know the newest member of the family Piqué Mebarak.

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