Study Reveals Violence And Lack Of Rights In Mexican Prisons

Posted On 19 Mar 2015
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The vast majority of prisoners has not turned 30 years old and come from poor families.

Half of the prisoners in the prisons of the largest metropolitan area in Mexico say they were beaten at the time of his arrest to force them to change their statement.

Allegations that police demanded payment of a fee (extortion) in exchange for preferential treatment have doubled in the last 10 years.

Over 80% said that the prison authorities demanded his family money for food that would lead them into jail and 57% only by entering the prison. Many others-a 76.4% - unaware of their rights at the time of his trial.

Six in 10 of the inmates in the prisons of the Federal District and the State of Mexico, the world’s third largest agglomeration according to the UN and concentrated to over 20 million inhabitants, have been convicted of simple robbery, half by amounting to 11,000 pesos ($ 700).

Seven out of 10 inmates have children; the majority has not turned 30 years old and come from poor families.

These data come from the study “Crime and Prison in Mexico, social deterioration and institutional performance,” prepared by the Center for Economic Research and Education Mexico (CIDE), and is part of the international project prison populations in Latin America.

This project, as revealed by El PaĂ­s, analyzes prisons Argentina, Brazil, Chile, El Salvador, Mexico and Peru.

The report, which gathers information from 2013 and compares analysis of 2002, 2005 and 2009, shows an increase of corruption in the actions of the authorities.

“There are two data showing a worrying decomposition. One, the increase in inmates who have evidence of prisoners who have earned their freedom through payments or influences. The second is the increase in illegal charges (extortion),” the report.

Inmates who have complained that some police asked them for money have grown 36.9% in 2002 to 46.1% in 2013. Similarly, 45.6% of the prisoners say he was beaten by police to force him to testify.

“This figure is particularly serious because it reflects that there has been, over the time series, absolutely no change in traditional ways of operating the investigative police and prosecutors,” the document states.

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