Suspended A Fraternity Of Penn State For Posting Illicit Images

Posted On 19 Mar 2015
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Members of Kappa Delta Rho had a social network with images of selling drugs and naked women.

A fraternity at the Penn State University was suspended while officials investigate allegations that the group maintains a private Facebook page where he allegedly posted photos of partially nude women and illicit activities and the consumption and sale of drugs.

The bodies of university security officials said members of the fraternity published pictures of selling drugs, acts of ‘bullying‚Äô and women seemed to unconsciousness or asleep. Police said the page, which belongs to the members of the fraternity Kappa Delta Rho, had about 150 members exclusive invitation, some current students and graduates and others.

The initial page titled ‘Undercover Business Transactions‚Äô was closed after a victim discovered. He was then replaced by a ‚Äô2.0′. The researchers obtained a 20 page images, but most had been deleted from computers. “We have some pictures from that account,” said Keith Robb Police College.

The President of the Inter-Fraternity Council Penn State Rick Groves said the fraternity is “full suspension” while the investigation continues.

“It is the policy of the Council to suspend immediately to any chapter during an investigation. This is both to ensure a transparent investigation as to prevent chapters from committing illegalities“, told The Daily Collegian.

For its part, through a statement, Joseph S. Rosenberg, executive director of fraternity, said leaders of the fraternity chapter immediately be suspended and are “conducting a full review adhesion and reorganization.”

“Kappa Delta Rho represents values ‚Äč‚Äčcontribute to our campuses and communities in general, improving the character of our members, and respecting the rights of all who interact with our fraternity through any of our chapters,” Rosenberg said in a statement.

The fraternity plans to cooperate fully with the authorities responsible for enforcement and investigation of Penn State and disciplinary procedures.

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