Ted Cruz Formally Announce His Intention To Seek Republican Presidential Nomination

Posted On 22 Mar 2015
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Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is expected to announce on Monday formally seek the Republican nomination for president of the United States.

The news was revealed by a strategist Republican senator who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because no formal announcement has been made.

Cruz, 44 years old, will be the first high-profile candidate to formally launch a campaign for the White House, although it is expected that other candidates of his party enter the competition in the coming weeks.

One of the visible head of the ultraconservative movement “Tea Party” confirmed his intention to run for the Republican nomination in a ceremony at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

The news marks the beginning in the protracted electoral race for the presidential elections of November 2016.

Cruz is one of the young stars on the rise and one of the most controversial figures of the Republican Party, known for his skepticism about the more moderate party sector and its front to the policies of President Barack Obama Democratic criticism.

After joining the US Senate in 2013, Cruz was placed as an uncompromising conservative willing to deal with both Democrats and Republicans alike.

Cruz said he will try to repeal the federal health law, abolish the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) and eliminate the Department of Education.

Cross plans were first revealed by The Houston Chronicle.

In contrast, on the Democratic side, the options seem concentrated exclusively on the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who has also not yet formally confirmed his candidacy but has indicated that it will take a decision in mid-2015.


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  1. vegasdutch Reply

    And soon, a trip to Israhell and the Wailing Wall.

  2. Robert Reply

    Wasn’t he born in Canada?

  3. PaulFrancis Reply

    I read that Cruz was born in Canada, oh yeah I forgot, there is no US Constitution anymore. It looks like Jeb has it sewn up. He’s the best terrorist for the job. Hilly is such a mess and dumber than dirt; in other words the best the Democrats have to offer.

  4. Ted Reply

    Cruz has a good game. He talks the talk, walks the walk, etc. He’s a tough conservative who has demonstrated enough spine to let the government go unfunded, rather than bend to Obama’s decrees.

    However, Cruz is at the lead of those pushing Putin into WW3 for the bankers, military industrial complex and NWO. For that reason, he can’t be considered as a viable candidate.

  5. Barbara Reply

    Cruz is not eligible to run for the office of president. He was born in Canada and nothing he does can change that.

  6. Greg Straw Reply

    Born in Canada?? The Us is so gone..

  7. John Smith Reply

    His campaign motto:

    “You elected an Kenyan Koo-Koo bird, why not a Canadian Crazyclown?”

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