Ten Secrets That Linkedin Does Not Tell You

Posted On 07 Mar 2014
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William Arruda, an expert in social networks, shared some tips and tricks to make LinkedIn work the best presentation tool.

1. The perfect time to turn off updates. When you go to update your LinkedIn profile to make sure my privacy control and off the updates. With that your contacts will not receive a notification for every change you make to your profile.

2. The opportunistic. You do not need to be Premium join interest groups have in their sights and are not part of your contacts. Being part of these groups can make contact with important people and invite them to read your profile.

3. Do not worry about repetitive sin, but if your skill is the number one social networking, do not hesitate to talk about it in the summary and in the many areas of skill description.

4. Be promiscuous. Not only do you connect with people you know. The LinkedIn search algorithm favors those who are on the network. This means that when people are looking for what you offer, the results of your search are displayed first level connections, and then second-level connections.

5. Be a ‘groupie’. Do not limit the number of groups that you join. While they are related to your area of ​​expertise, industry, passions, causes you to keep social groups; this will give more people access to your record.

6. Stay ‘invisible’. When using LinkedIn to review the profiles of other employees, set your status as “anonymous” in the part where it says “Select what others see when you’ve viewed their profile.”

7. Be disorganized. Reorders content as you create your profile is better. Yes, LinkedIn allows you. So what’s more important what you highlight first and choose what strengths you focus.

8. Be smart saver. If you want to reach someone in a premium account and there is no other way than sign, then create a Premium account, connect with these exclusive contacts and after that, cancel your subscription Premium. LinkedIn

9. Do not be shy. Get at least 500 connections, and expand your contact list 500 +1 magic on your profile has a psychological impact on those who view your profile.

10. Be creative. Make sure you have a formal photo, with good lighting and facing forward. Write like you’re having a conversation with someone. This will give inject your personality, people see your values ​​and passions, and is interested in knowing more about you.

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