The Best Day To Post On Facebook

Posted On 24 Apr 2014
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Friday is more likely to give Series User “like” to a publication.

Businesses on Facebook are being forced to reassess their market strategy in social interaction platforms and their publications reach fewer and fewer users.

For a brand that ensures that their publications have the greatest number of visits, a new study shows that Friday is the day most likely that users will “like” or share a posting from a brand.

Adobe took over 226 billion impressions and 300 brands on Facebook in the first quarter of 2014. Fridays generate about 15.7% of the total each week, with Thursday as the second busiest day with 14.5%.

Users also interact more with brands on Fridays. Publications of the pages were cut 3.3% of interaction on Friday, compared with 3.2% on Thursday. Combined, these numbers show that Friday is the best day to post as it is when users are most active.

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