The Bikinis 2014 Are Coming!

Posted On 29 Mar 2014
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  • Does the garment to wear for the beach is at the forefront or more burnt than the sun? These are the trends that will invade the warm season 2014!

  • The heat is coming and with it the time to look the best trends and your body! Already know what bikinis are on trend?
  • The pattern ‘folk’ invade the beaches around the world with its colors and textures to give to a ‘look’ naturally relaxed and explosive female body.
  • Natural ‘Prints’, ethnic designs, colorful mixtures, scarves and ‘vintage’ courts are well received this sunny season in bikinis and beachwear.
  • If you plan to incorporate into your wardrobe a new bikini, we recommend the pastel colors that make you look feminine mega.
  • The colors are strong and vibrant ‘must’ here and in America, so purchase a costume runs in these tones to impact and breaking waves with style and glamour.
  • If your skin is swarthy, the colors will be the trend for you like the warm earth tone, gold, yellow and orange.
  • If you whiter complexion and highlight your beauty looking with some tone, the most appropriate are the silver, lilac, red or blue.
  • Hands down the color and the season will be starring in leading clubs and bays will be green in all its shades. Does your virtue? It is a color that goes perfect with any kind of complexion.
  • Increase the size of your ‘girls’ in a bikini with ruffles! They are an excellent visual trick when we want to give volume to any part of our body.
  • Can you look feminine if mega invades your curves with a sexy panty and bra in different designs! Coordinate ‘prints’ will be mega trend and will help you look different matching pieces.
  • The ‘trikinis’ will also take center stage this season! Luce ‘hot’ without teaching over this proposal that combines fabric skin to look amazing under the sun.

  • A ‘tankini’ is ideal when there are ‘extra pounds’ more and feel the need to dress in beachwear! Remember to follow the trends dictated this 2014 and no matter if you are using a full or two-piece swimsuit.
  • Embroidery and fringe 2014 also come to give this movement to your silhouette! They are a super fun and ideal alternative when they look is youthful and playful.
  • The striped pattern is very colorful and dictating trend lines of different thicknesses as well as different colors in the same design.
  • Geometric figures will help create visual effects on the body part where you need it, plus they look super chic ‘and are at the forefront.
  • The animal ‘print’ is more bizarre than ever to leave your color palette into oblivion and combine with bright colors, while maintaining its ‘print’.
  • The costume jewelry embedded in bikinis and swimsuits this season still appears to give a more ‘glamorous’ and sophisticated in your holiday looks.
  • If you need a simple yet elegant bikini time, look for one without a discrete pattern and decorated to not be ignored at any time.
  • It will be fully allowed to use your bikini to complement your ‘outfit’ if the design of your swimsuit is ‘trendy’ and sophisticated mega!
  • Use it with your ‘jeans’ favorites and you’ll be ready to go without having to spend time totally changes your clothes.
  • Classic swimsuit in black and white never goes out of fashion and this spring will wear it to the fullest
  • Now you know! Do not stay stuck in past fashions and you renew your beach wardrobe to look ‘hot’ and super trend.
  • Follow these ‘tips’ and we assure you, everyone will cool off before viewing what you look fabulous under the sun. (Courtesy by usa news).
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