The Cold Causes A New Chaos In U.S. Northeast

Posted On 15 Feb 2014
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The new mass freezing weather causes accidents, power outage, cancellation of flights, and love without flowers.

Only the state of Florida was spared the snow. Storm leaves at least 21 dead.

Almost all U.S. states celebrate Valentine’s Day covered with snow and freezing temperatures that cause fresh chaos in the wake of a powerful bad weather front.

People traveling from home to work on Friday met with slippery roads for the winter sleet storm left in the northeast of the country, The Associated Press reported.

The latest storm has killed at least 21 people, including a pregnant woman hit by a bulldozer who cleaned snow in New York and whose baby is in critical condition after birth by Caesarean section.

The arrival of the front of the New York area Thursday night delayed deliveries thousands of Valentine’s Day, but elsewhere in the Northeast was already covered by sleet and rain.

The mixture of snow and sleet forced to cancel more than 6,500 flights across the country, and led to the closure of schools, businesses and government offices.

About 1.2 million people were without power as the storm was traveling from south to north and only in the states of Georgia and the Carolinas were about 550 thousand users without that service.

For the morning of Friday the number of cancellations was reduced to a 1,110 nationwide.

Many schools were closed in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire, upstate New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont and Virginia, although some of Rhode Island would open later.

Only Florida was spared

Only sunny Florida waged by the time of the last snow storm that severely affects the way south and east of the U.S., but the consequences are felt throughout the country, especially in communications, with thousands of flights canceled, impassable roads and power outages, the agency Efe reported.

The third big vacation this year in the United States has made an unusual picture: 49 states and the District of Columbia (where the capital is Washington,) have snow on its soil, even less accustomed to white prints, according to official data.

However, large accumulations of snow are recorded in the Northeast, with 24 centimeters (9.5 inches) of the New York Central Park, 17 (7 inches) in Washington DC and 58 (23 inches) in some parts of Maryland.

Only Florida can boast of not having seen falling just one snowflake, since sites usually warm as the heavenly Hawaii have actually seen snow, in this case, volcanic peaks, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA )

The ravages of the storm damage equal to the other two fronts in January poorly recorded time: about 21 deaths attributed to bad weather, thousands of canceled flights (1000 and canceled on Friday), tens of thousands of people without electricity, road cuts and the closure of the offices of the federal government and hundreds of schools.

In several states was declared a state of emergency to mobilize federal resources promptly and come to the aid of the victims.

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