The Daughter Of Paul Walker Feels ‘Betrayed’ By Her Grandmother

Posted On 01 May 2014
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The daughter of the late actor Paul Walker, Meadow, feels “betrayed” by the decision of her grandmother, Cheryl Ann, to apply for sole custody alleging that the problems with alcohol her mother would present a barrier to ensure the welfare, especially because it believes should have consulted before their opinion.

In addition, she also regrets not having been the first to hear about the involvement of her father’s brothers, Cody and Caleb, in the film ‘Fast and Furious 7’ to help complete the scenes that Paul could not finished filming, a story that has “hurt and saddened”.

“Meadow is quite good despite everything, still going to school and spending time with friends as a teenager. Though hopes to move soon to a new home in the Los Angeles area with her mother,” said a source close to family portal E! News.

Grandmother of teen withdrew its request to become legal guardian of Meadow two weeks ago, according to the wish of her granddaughter moved in with her mother, Rebecca Soteros. Cheryl had always said that would end the legal battle if the ex-wife of Paul agreed to enter rehab to treat her “serious alcohol problem”, something that Meadow’s mother has not set any opposition because her daughter is her “highest priority,” even accessing undergo regular alcohol controls.

However, the attempt to appease the spirits of the deceased mother of the interpreter has not come to fruition because the court Wednesday in Los Angeles has declined to dismiss the case, appointing a lawyer to Meadow and ordering an investigation into his family situation.

“It is the court who is prepared to decide whether custody should be granted or denied,” reported a spokesman for the commission to resolve the issue.

The legal decision has had to be a huge setback for Meadow, who already lives in itself a delicate personal moment after the loss of her father, for whom he decided to move to California from Hawaii in 2001 to spend more time together.

Currently resides in young home of a family friend, although at the time of death of Paul was living in his grandmother’s house as the star in his will appointed her guardian mother Meadow, sole heir her fortune, valued at $ 25 million (18 million Euros).

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