The Effect Of Technology On Relationships

Posted On 08 May 2014
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Technological advancement has changed the way we relate to the degree that infidelity, divorce, dating and marriage, depend on them.

According Facts website, the percentage of marriages in which one or both spouses admit infidelity, either physical or emotional is 41 percent.

And it is not hard to find time when you have forms or opportunities within reach of a click.

Social networks that connect people anywhere in the world and websites dedicated to finding an adventure for each of its visitors are in the perfect tool for cheating.

According to a recent report by the Pew Research Center, loving the new tests has nothing to do with physical or emotional deliveries.

Rather, in the era of ‘Facebook’, lies in the trust or not to share the password of social networking. A practice that, according to the source, holding more than 67 percent of people living in the country.

The study also revealed that only 27 percent of adults surveyed supported the impact (positive or negative) of social networks into your love life. Among young people the figure is 42 percent.

And although most believe that these media have helped his love life, four percent of married or in a stable relationship, confesses that he has had discussions about what your partner emit or receive in their social networks.

Another subject of discussion between these couples is the time that one of the two passes online or connected to your mobile, 42 percent of youth admits to being distracted by their partner because of mobile phones.

But that’s not all, according to other studies of the Pew Research Center, five percent of those living in the U.S., have met their partner through the network.

Meanwhile, the portal of extramarital dating Victoria Milan conducted a study among 12,000 users of its database and found that mobile is the best friend of the infidel, because at least 83 percent of people who cheat use it to contact their adventure.

According to this site, of that group, 51 percent do so via apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.

But the rest is done by text messages (15 percent), calls (13 percent), and emails (nine percent) and from a specific dating portal eight percent.

But that’s not all, 15 percent of the infidels is sure to have a second PIN number to communicate with her lover.

And, according to Alicia Gallotti spokeswoman Victoria Milan and sexologist, these data should not be surprised, and then says, “Is not surprising that the results show how, today, mobile saved the most personal secrets. We spent some time outstanding of them is normal and they consider infidels effective element to connect with secret lovers. But it can also become a dangerous informer in extramarital affairs if you are not careful you delete incriminating “traces”. “

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