The FBI Is Investigating The Death Of An African American Who Was Found Hanging From A Tree

Posted On 21 Mar 2015
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Both the FBI and the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department has opened an investigation by the finding in Mississippi.

Both the FBI and the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department has opened an investigation by the finding Thursday body Otis Byrd, an African American man of 54 years who was found hanging from a tree near his home in Port Gibson, Mississippi.

The man was missing since March 2 and its absence was reported to authorities six days later. Therefore, the Sheriff’s Office had organized Claiborne County man search.

Byrd is not known whether he committed suicide or a murder. Currently running two parallel investigations local authorities are investigating the death, while the FBI seeks to determine whether there were violations sometime in the civil rights of the victim.

Don always, FBI special agent, said at a conference Friday that the results of the autopsy of the body will be available next week, besides confirming the identity of the man.

“Everyone wants answers. It will ask you not to believe in rumors, “he said.

Always stressed that both the community and the family deserve answers on these facts, and said the investigation will continue “until we have a definitive answer” about the details of the death of Byrd.

Earlier, a police official told the Los Angeles Times that the first results of the autopsy and evidence have led investigators to believe that it was a suicide.

After the conference, the source noted that there were no signs of violence, so that suicide is shown as the most likely conclusion.

Researchers are currently focused on touring the forest where the body was found, plus they are looking for witnesses who can help clarify how that Byrd was ended up dead in the tree.

According to Los Angeles Times, the body was found with a sheet draped around the neck, without other signs of obvious distress: he had no hands and feet tied, was not gagged and showed no external signs of injury.

The last time Byrd was seen alive was the March 2, after visiting a local casino. He returned home with another person, identified by authorities as a friend.

A Justice Department spokeswoman pointed out that the facts are also investigating the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department and the US Attorney for the Southern District of Mississippi.

“We call on the federal authorities to investigate immediately to determine if his death was the result of a hate crime,” said Derrick Johnson, president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

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    How about the woman he murdered?
    A hate crime. Naw..

    This POS should have been hanged the same day he murdered the woman.
    how many other victims did this poster boy for miscreants harm.

    Good riddance. Too bad it didn’t happen sooner.

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