The First Disease Attributed To Whatsapp Surge

Posted On 29 Mar 2014
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The Whatsappitis is the first disease attributed to Whatsapp.

A Spanish woman aged 34 to 27 weeks pregnant woke up in the morning with a sudden pain in the wrists. There was no history of trauma and had not participated in any excessive physical activity in the previous days. I did not know, but it was the first case of “Whatsappitis“.

The neologism is not just any invention: the name refers to an article in the prestigious journal The Lancet to tendonitis caused by overuse of instant messaging service WhatsApp.

The woman, emergency physician, had just finished a call on December 24 at the hospital where she works when she felt a sharp pain in his wrist. Arriving at his house and see all the Christmas cards in his cell, he began to answer them one by one instead of resting wrist pain. After spending six hours sending messages by WhatsApp, she began to have pain in the thumb.

“She held mobile phone, weighing 130 grams, at least for 6 hours,” says Article Dr. Inés Fernández Guerrero, University Hospital of Granada. “During this time, she made continuous movements with both thumbs to send messages.”

“The diagnosis for bilateral wrist pain was WhatsAppitis” says the article. The treatment consisted of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and complete abstinence from using the phone to send messages.

“Due to her pregnancy, the patient only took paracetamol with partial improvement and did not fail completely using your phone, as new messages exchanged on December 31 for New Year,” he adds.

The call caused Nintendinitis-use devices like the Nintendo game console, was first described in 1990, and since then several injuries have been reported related to video games and new technologies.

Initially reported in children, these cases are now seen in adults, says the Lancet article. Tenosynovitis caused by texting with mobile phones could be an emerging disease. Physicians should be aware of these new disorders, “says Fernández Guerrero.

In 1990, the medical journal The New England Journal of Medicine diagnosed for the first time Nintendinitis case in which a 35 year old woman had spent five hours playing with a Nintendo console, even at Christmas.

In 2007, a man aged 29 suffered a case of acute wiitis after spending many hours playing tennis with your Wii console. In both cases, the recipe was the same: ibuprofen and away from video games for a while.

The birth of these disorders could be traced back to 1981, when she spoke of the “Doll Space Invaders” pain caused by pressing the required button for the popular video game. (Courtesy by usa news)

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