The Murderers Children, Reason of School Shooting in USA?

Posted On 08 Feb 2014
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After school massacres many wonder why. Meet the minds of young murderers.

Have registered 500 violent deaths in the last 20 years in schools, are 11 shootings in 2014

A perfect storm. Devastating and powerful. This can be described the moment when a young decides to act violently taking the life of someone. Anyone.

Almost 15 years ago in the worst U.S. school shooting happened so far recorded. The incident shocked the nation and the world. Two young Littleton, Colorado, had been planning a massacre at his school and conducted brutally and then commit suicide. 12 young people were killed and twenty were wounded that day. Two years ago, Michael Carneal had entered his school with his loading weapons taken from its own home and the parents of a friend’s sister. Shot at close range and in the episode even his sister could recognize. Just ran. Michael killed three members of a prayer group in one of the halls of a secondary school in West Paducah, Kentucky.

In 1998 another pair of students from West Side Middle School, Arkansas, Mitchell Scott Johnson 13 and Andrew Douglas Golden 11 killed five people in a planned attack. They were arrested, tried and sentenced. Both were known in school for mistreating (bully) other students. Newtown

The mention of Sandy Hook brings tragic, terrible memories. The small Connecticut town will never be the same after December 14, 2012. This morning the 20-year-old Adam Lanza, entered a school and killed 20 children and six adults in cold blood after murdering his mother at home. The final police report says Lanza hated her mother and thought she loved more students from the school where he was a volunteer that. Lanza killed himself at the scene of the second worst shooting in U.S. history; the first remains of Virginia Tech in the institution, the student Seung-Hui Cho killed 32 people in the classrooms of the college in 2007. In late 2013 everything seems back to Columbine, remembering that the ghost of the massacres in U.S. schools remains. An 18 year old went to school in Arapahoe, Colorado, located a few miles away from Columbine. He shot the girl Claire Davies on the head and then killed himself.

As would have made Eric Harris and Dylan Klobold in the same place, Karl Pierson went to play bowling before heading to school and kill Davies. A spooky coincidence. Since the spring of 1999 is a question that has no answer: Why? Uncertainty and doubt hovering in the minds of many. And many also are in search of the root of the time when a young mind becomes dark and evil. After the Columbine massacre, a special team was appointed to investigate how to prevent such massacres. From that time to date, the number of killings has not diminished. At least 37 children die each year from school shootings in the United States. The recommendations of the Secret Service and the Department of Education to increase safety in schools have not worked. The incidents are repeated, the dead are counted.

The distinction is subtle but important. According to Dr. Erik Alonso, forensic psychologist and adviser to the Police Department Miami Dade (PDMD) for programs on mass shootings, three personality types to consider. And not all children who commit massacres have the same characteristics: Antisocial or psychopaths

Antisocial: the child does not respect authority nor does the opposite of what parents tell you to behaviors that are not common for her age. These children may, after adolescence, become criminals, only think about their own interests and have no sensitivity to others. Sociopathic: are children or young people who have developed an aversion to society by past experiences that have marked his life.

Children who have gone to war can generate this type of personality. Psycho: Children born without a cynical sensibility and personality. The psychopath is friendly to society, but this is a cover for committing heinous crimes. The average person could not detect the criminal intent of the psychopath. Psychopaths are not delusional, have clear actions and motivations match psychopathic expert Robert Hare. Alonso said that most of the perpetrators of shootings are antisocial plans they develop over time. Few cases of psychopathic in general. In some cases, if premeditation is very deep, antisocial being could develop Sociopathic. Harris’s diary began: “I hate the world.” Both Harris and Klebold were considered pleasant though they were part of the group or mafia wraps (Trench Coach Mafia), taken children away from other dark clothing and have taste out of the ordinary at school.

An article published by Slate in 2004, described the Columbine slaughter has nothing to do with a shooting at a school. The school was the place chosen to inflict terror. A chaos. The authors were not equal Harris is described as cold and calculating, closer to a psychopath. Family and polite. Klebold was depressed and suicidal. According to experts, Harris was a psychopath. This is not the general case, says Alonso. Children usually do not show completely lack empathy. They are developing their hatred or antisocial behavior over time. Sometimes violence is the result of abuse as the case of one of the authors of the shooting at Westside Middle School. His lawyer claimed that Johnson had been abused as a child by a relative. Johnson apologized in court. Child of divorced parents, he had shown signs of opposition to rules smoking marijuana at a young age and mutilating himself before the shooting. The idea of ​​the slaughter was his cousin Andrew Golden and he thought it would only frighten some children. Upon release had several encounters with the law for theft and remains in jail. Factors

According to the criminal sociologist Glenn Muschert, there are many factors influencing the minds of young people involved in the development of antisocial be that a community decides to attack a school shooting. Some of them are the inability of some children to express themselves or in small rural towns, the sense of loss and the inability to handle depression (pointed to by the FBI in the case of Klobold and Columbine). For Alonso family dysfunction, childhood trauma, genetic predisposition, media violence is some of the influencing factors. If asked why the United States has developed this type of crime, which responds in part to the large amount of information available to children, games and violent movies have desensitized to small and family dysfunction have contributed to these phenomena in the country. Signals The only point of contact between psychologists and scholars seems to be: there are clues. Alonso says that “any professional can see the signs that something is wrong. There always are, “he says. Adam Lanza, the author of the slaughter of Newtown, had written a story in fifth grade where they killed children and killing a young mother, was obsessed with mass killings, according to press reports, especially with the slaughter Columbine. The gunman had been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, although this is not generally associated with violence.

The labeling

Schools today are still the safest place for children according to government data instead. In aggregate is very unlikely that these events occur, and this is also so difficult to enumerate key factors that lead someone to kill this way.

Most importantly, experts say, is to listen and see the signs. Parents and teachers must go to the human psyche trained to determine whether the observed behavior is normal or the beginning of a terrible end.

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