The Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle

Posted On 19 May 2014
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The Bermuda Triangle is known for its mysterious disappearances of boats and planes. The wildest rumors persist and scientists also look at possible causes of the many disappearances.

The Bermuda Triangle is also called devils triangle. It is an imaginary triangle between Bermuda Islands, San Juan and Miami.

How the legend of the Bermuda Triangle began

The basis for the legend was probably laid when the Columbus Saragossazee input. He discovered that his compass did very strange, and that the whole sea was full of seaweed. There was never bestowed on until gone five dive bombers in the area. Attention

Flight 19

On December 5, 1945 departed from Fort Lauderdale in Florida five dive bombers on a training mission. The weather was calm and clear, and it seemed like a simple exercise routine to be. Then something goes wrong. The leader shows the control tower knows that compasses the crew no longer work properly. The conversations between the crew members are increasingly worrying. They have no idea how they come back, and eventually are agreed what to do when the kerosene runs: an emergency landing. The contact is broken. Only hours later they hear the flight letters of flight 19. The strange thing is that the fuel after all those hours should have been long ago. Equal rise planes to search for the crew but nothing are found. The disaster is even greater! A rescue plane lost.

It does not take long before connections are discovered between the previous disappearances of boats in this neighborhood. It was long thought that the ships were attacked by pirates, but now there planes have gone no longer seems so logical. In the seventies the book “The Bermuda Triangle” by Charles Berlitz, appears and it becomes a best seller. In the book, the facts are very exaggerated, and searched for explanations as: aliens, secret worlds, the sunken city of Atlantis, etc. Because the writer here and there some facts have been distorted by the book knowing all. Wetenschappers decided that a solution must exist for each mystery, and they went looking. As soon the more scientific solutions surfaced.

Scientific solutions.

One explanation is that the large stocks of seabed methane (CH4) are.
Methane is a gas, and it is also called “swamp gas” called. Sometimes there methane escapes, and it goes to the water surface, and the form of small gas bubbles. Because of these bubbles, the capacity of the water, causing the ship is ‘too heavy‚Äô. Reduced this allows the ship sink so quickly that no signal can be issued. Aircraft may also be due to methane in trouble.

The difference between the North and North
There is a difference between the “true north” and “magnetic north”. True north or true north is the tip of the globe. This place is discovered with complex calculations, and on the globe, he is marked with a star.
The compass needle points to magnetic north. He points to a spot north of Canada, where the magnetic force is so strong that he always found. The compass needle The Bermuda Triangle is one of the two places where the compass points to true north, rather than magnetic north. The difference can be up to 20 degrees.

Magnetic field in the Bermuda Triangle
The television program “Earth Investigated” on National Geographic Channel reported that the magnetic field around the earth above the Bermuda Triangle has become compared to the rest of the world. Weaker this would cause sex for the compasses were not working properly.

There are a lot of other explanations, such as inexperienced people on a boat (think alike), heavy traffic, strong currents, etc.

The Bermuda Triangle as a source of inspiration

The Bermuda Triangle has been a great source of inspiration for cartoonists and writers. So discovers the evil “Timothy Triangle” in the comic book peekaboo - The Devil‚Äôs Triangle‚Äô the lost city Atlanta. The comic gives an explanation for different devices: the comic has a huge magnet Triangle put down those ships and aircraft attracts. He used the parts to build, so that he can bring. Atlanta resurfaced a huge jack.

Some thinking about the Bermuda Triangle

With all the scientific explanations you would almost think that everything has already been resolved. However, there are a few tricky questions about. For example, the group leader of Flight 19 left the control tower knows that the sea had become. Milky white there is also a story from a small plane that got into trouble during a short flight. At one point, the pilot asked the tower if there were other aircraft in its neighborhood. The control tower said no, but told the pilot that there was another strange aircraft flew in his neighborhood. Moreover, the plane was flying so fast that the pilot thought it was maybe a new supersonic military aircraft. He described the aircraft as a cigar-shaped, and it would be able to make.

Most impossible corners at very high speeds Also, it could just suddenly hang while it was not a helicopter. Still in the air the unit seemed to just disappear, but came back extremely short. The last words of the pilot were that the device hovering above him, and were clearly not a normal aircraft.
When the contact was broken and the plane was never found.

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