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Posted On 02 Apr 2014
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Now is the month of Aries and Taurus, a sign ends and another begins-the latter between 19 and 20 depending on where you live. Also two eclipses will occur, one of Luna, we see in this part of the world, and take effect on the 15th with Libra Moon in Scorpio transit, and later one of Sun in Taurus sign on 29.

Mars and Saturn are retrograde and day 14 were also joins the planetoids or dwarf planet Pluto, to start its retrograde movement through Capricorn. All these events influence in a very unique way in your sign and predict drastic changes in your love life and work, a true cycle transformations. Find out below.

What brings you in April for this period? Remember that this year your birthday ariano cycle ends between 19 and 20 April depending on where you live, is a peak day, the day that changes your sign. Your ruler, Mars, is still retrograde in Libra transit but you get the influence of two eclipses, one of Moon on the 15th, in the cycle of birth, then there will be an annular eclipse of the Sun on 29, but in the month Taurus.

These events indicate a changing stage, with different moods and important resolutions that will have a lot to do with how you drive your love life; you finish what was preventing your personal development!

Moreover it is a very significant from the point of view of health month. Streamline your mind and body because exercise, both physical and mental, and proper diet are factors that will keep you healthy during this astral cycle. Although I feel tempted to inactivity, put your hand, you will do the rest.

If there was something negative or unpleasant on your workplace in recent days, perhaps due to Mars, your ruler, retrograde this month-peer reconciliation and settlement of the problems and conflicts occur. Will emerge better than you thought and the new cycle that presents you immediately after your period ended birthday, will be more than positive.

Congratulations, Taurus, this is your birthday month! Indeed, between 19 and 20 April, depending on the geographical latitude and longitude where you live, your annual cycle begins this year 2014. Your ruler, Venus, planet of love, will live all the time in transit from Aquarius to Pisces which enter the second week.

It is also a month of eclipses, one de Luna, Total, day 15 and another, very important to you, Sol 29 as it already happens in your cycle birthday and mark a new chapter in your life. Single or single? Yet? Not for long!

Indeed during this period will reach news from here and there. Some say one thing, others will say otherwise. You should calm down and make your decisions based on your kind loving principles, feelings and hunches. Do not be carried away by others! Close your ears to the opinions of others and the huge amount of unsolicited advice you receive because those around you will want to get in your life reviewing each in his own way.

If you listen to all end up very worried and finally you would not know what to do. Follow your heart, especially in love; do not let yourself be influenced by gossip or rumors comments.

Mercury, your ruler, is direct, which is very good news for you as it counteracts the effects of Mars retrograde and Saturn, while inspiring you to new and daring adventures within your loving, social, and work life.

It will be restless, wanting to do many things simultaneously! This will be particularly strong after 7 when your ruler into dynamic Aries and feel the need to express, move, change your place of work, residence, travel and visit friends for a long time you could not see. A very energetic stage that should not be dismissed but not take it lightly.

However, precisely that enthusiastic touch that surrounds you, you will face very delicate circumstances related to your money, some rave, some not so. Before opting for a less mature economic solution put all your conditions on the table, studying the proposals, the risks that you incur and consultation with qualified persons.

In matters of money you should not play particularly in this month eclipses, one of Moon, Sun and other 15 29. If you were concerned about not really knowing what course to take in a tense situation in your love life, your intuition is fully illuminated and receive positive influences that allow you to answer your questions.

Month of eclipses, one moon, your ruler, the 15th! This event joins the Sun, another eclipse on the 29th, and the direct transit of Jupiter, the planet of great opportunities also continues to direct in your sign, in that cycle occurs periodically and will run until mid-July this year.

There will be prosperity in your working life with an activity that can make overtime and give you the required money to catch up on your obligations and move forward with your financial affairs. Inclusive is forecast road trip, suddenly emerged, which will satisfy all your expectations.

A very successful astrological cycle in your job and if you are still looking for work or you feel a postponed the second in the post that you are developing your notice a marked rising labor and social affairs.

With the impact of the lunar eclipse mid month your Cancerian intuition will guide and find that if you follow those impulses from your inner being will achieve you win the heart of that person who did not just get out of your mind and it will mean so much within your reality sentimental, particularly as you get closer your cycle birthday in a few weeks.

Nice eclipse your ruler, the Sun, the 29th of April! You have previously occurred one of Luna, overall, the 15th and while you’re getting the direct influence of Venus, planet of love, at the beginning of April in transiting your opposite sign is Aquarius.

Have health well motivated in this astrological cycle and with good existing solar vibrations you can push through a project that was stalled. A story of someone who does not expect to see you greatly rejoices this April and may be a potential romance explores it all!

There are two eclipses which intervene in your ruling. Use this cosmic energy to robustecer April. If your work is directly linked to travel and tourism have in front of you a successful period in which you get new customers and more commissions.

Fortune and prosperous air that accompanies your sign Leo, generous, magnanimous and lavish follow you and you will achieve very positive results in everything that you insist to do during this period so important to you in every way year.

View mentally preparing yourself for all that is brewing around you. April is the month of the first two eclipses of 2014, one of Luna, 15, and other Sun 29. At the same time your ruler, the planet Mercury is direct, which is great for your favors ease of expression, even after 8, when you move to Aries, you must be very cautious when passing judgment or opinion without granted to others the benefit of the doubt.

Evita miss with a comment casually launched into flight. Soon you’ll be doing something you love, considering a career or profession, art or trade to your liking.

During those days, about eclipses you feel somewhat confused and everything seems chaotic around you which logically you baffled. Do not let another day pass on the love uncertainty. Sal doubt, put order in your life. You’ll see how good you feel when you take control of everything.

As far as your health is one month’s notice, Virgo. Do not exaggerate your treatment or take your concerns to extremes. If you suffer from a disease or treat her condition and you worry normal, but do not overdo it because your mind might amplify your actual symptoms.

This April requires careful analysis because they got to Mars, planet of energy, retrograde in your sign all the time, and the dwarf planet Ceres, between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, also retrograde. It is the cycle of the first two eclipses of 2014, Luna and Sol 15, 29 and all this astral landscape influences in a very marked way your life in two fundamental ways.

One is the sentimental are reconsidering and re-evaluating a relationship, you are still under the impact of a recent meeting and you’re channeling in a new direction, becoming more intense and promising, but still must assess all well before making a final decision , due to the aforementioned aspects astral.

During the second half of April your reactions to situations that arise in the family, as in your neighborhood, health studies, work and even your romantic relationship will be tainted by a high level of emotionalism and susceptibility.

This could shed backfire and put you in a wrong way assuming things that exist only in your imagination, seeing “ghosts of betrayals and infidelities” everywhere, which, happily not, what happens is that you are very impressionable. When these doubts assail you take time to relax, reflect, take a deep breath and closed his eyes to concentrate on your inner self, you will see how well you see it all later.

Month of eclipses, retrograde planets and significant cosmic events in your sign! In April there will be two eclipses, one Luna, 15 and other Sol, 29, also your ruler, Pluto, the dwarf planet begins retrograde path between the 14th and 15th of the month and he joins the movement to the action of long transit of Saturn through your sign.

These are events you should know that many scorpions and scorpions complain that “things are going well not me” as I thought this year, but they forget that we are only in the early months of 2014! In the same way that clarity is made in the blink of an eye, but between night and day is a sunrise, which was gradually coming to light, so it is with you, there is no “explosion” but insurance slowly but.

Do not let this pass April without contact who can help you in one way or another to improve your working conditions and resolve issues related to your future projects both labor and money.

A friendship that I have not seen possibly contacts you and invites you to explore economic possibilities together. The offer seems interesting and well-sponsored, but most should be informed if it involves leaving your city and too complicate your family lifestyle. This is a month to be in observation, analysis and consistency in all, both at work and in love.

It’s great to be the bearer of good news and this month, the influence of your ruling, the giant planet Jupiter and expansive, direct, transiting the sign Cancerian, could not be better. Binds to the same action of the first two eclipses of the year, the Moon, the Sun and 15, 29. Current cosmic movements indicate the possibility of exit gracefully from certain situations that you committed in the recent past. Your presence will be undeniable when some important success factor interview.

Many Sagittarians and Sagittarian be considering a “new look” or image, which will be very helpful to you. It is the time of love, do not forget, as you said no closures to reach the doors of your heart in the figure of the person you expect,.

An observation that must not be overlooked: If you’re out shopping do not forget to spend some money on a team that will help you improve your health. It’s time to buy a stationary bike or an exercise machine that allows you to move your muscles and strengthen your body.

If you listen to the opinions and advice of skilled people, not talkative and improvised people, you can better focus your work life. You’re going to make very good decisions when you leave a job you do not like and start a new one for you in which you have no previous experience activity, but you will accomplish dominate with your talent and sympathy.

Many Capricorns worry when they hear that a planet is retrograde, and especially when it comes to your sign or your ruling. However, things are not as bad on the contrary! While it is true that you have your ruler, Saturn, retrograde day and 14 the planetoid Pluto start this movement in your sign, other factors associated with the first two-year eclipses Luna 15, and Sol 29 - compensating balance, especially with direct transit of Mercury.

Your senses are alert and nothing will go unnoticed, your intuition is skin deep and you’ll notice right away lying, separating it from the truth as much as you want it to disguise.

Your partner will admire the way you discover your innermost secrets and feelings. It’s time to deepen your intimacy with the sight, touch the word. Live this stage with passion! Moreover, everything you do to benefit your health will be very well used by your body.

You are receiving will be highly similar in this astral cycle April in which your sign is one of those very appropriate exceptional moments to analyze what are you doing with your life positive energy vibrations and your exercises, medicines or food, and what you should do from now.

Venus, planet of love is in your sign the first week of April, in this cycle that will occur in the first two eclipses of the year, one moon on the 15th, and other Sun 29. Uranus, your ruler, remains in direct transit through the fire element, and in general, the outlook for this period arrives intense and full of new horizons.

Your analytical skills and personal initiative are high levels of achievement and creativity which will help a lot to consider positive aspects of an employment proposition has strong economic implications. The money will begin to flow to you and you’ll soon be recovering investments. Love and prosperity march holding hands.

However, as Mars is retrograde, like Saturn and then the second half, the planetoid Pluto, it will reach you rumors and opinions that might upset you if you pay too much attention. If you want to live in harmony with yourself moves over assumptions based on comments from third parties, and always tries to be as objective as possible when making an important decision sentimental nature.

Do not unfruitful hear conflicting because people would affected your love life in the balance. Pretend you know and whom you do not like it, because well, that’s their problem, not yours!

Venus, planet of love, in your sign from the 5th! This is great news for the month of April in which there will be two eclipses, one Luna, 15, Total, and other Sun 29. Neptune, your ruler, is also right on your Piscean sign astral landscape and all this helps you feel more secure, confident, business yourself or yourself.

It is time to let your creativity flow freely and do something I had long wanted to do, but for one reason or another had been putting off and always leaving “for tomorrow.” That person will tell you what you really feel and be amazed at what you hear.

An employment position that has been bothering you for days and fortunately resolved in your favor is consolidated. Do not despair because in a few days you will also receive the full amount of financial reward your effort.

However, due to the effects of Mars and Saturn retrograde in this cycle of eclipses, you can be very uneasy because you just do not see concrete results in your economy.

Avoid by all means this impatient attitude that could make mistakes and get into business with unclear tricky and unscrupulous persons. Come out ahead, not commit.

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