The Train Upset in New York For Traveling 82 Mph

The speed could be the reason of the accident

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released when the train derailed New York traveling at 82 miles per hour (132 km / h) when it should go to 30 mph (48 km / h). But not yet said whether the accident was due to human error or brake problems.

The Metro-North train jumped the tracks on Sunday morning along a closed curve, where the speed limit should be reduced from 70 mph to 30 mph, said a member of the NTSB.

What caused the train to derail?

About five seconds before the locomotive stop maximum brake pressure is applied, according to the technical data released today during a press conference.

According to Earl Weener, a member of the National Transportation Safety Board, the question still must be answered is why the driver was going so fast.

Weener said the speed information was preliminary and extracted from two recorders, taken from the remains of the black box after the accident. He added that it is also examining the cell Tolearn driver if he was not distracted at the time of the accident.

Investigators from the NTSB analyzed the black boxes of the train that derailed at the height of the Bronx at 7:22 am on Sunday, killing four passengers. Black boxes have shed light on the data rate at which the train was about using your brakes.

Researchers have also sought to question the engineer and driver for more clues. The railway men employees said the engineer William Rockefeller was injured in the accident and is cooperating with investigators.

The accident occurred two years before the deadline for the federal government imposed on the Metro-North trains into installing automatic deceleration technology designed to prevent catastrophic accidents.

The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo said Monday that “speed” could be the reason for the spectacular derailment of a suburban train in the Bronx (north) in which four people died and 67 were injured.

“Having worked a day with the experts, I think it is linked to speed,” Cuomo told the NBC channel, listing three hypotheses for the accident: “A problem with the rails, a problem of equipment or operator error “he said.

“It’s a hard curve, but it’s there for tens of years and takes the trains every day. Believe it will be a matter primarily for speed and, above all, the operator,” he added.

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