Train Crash In Los Angeles Leaves 21 People Injured

Posted On 29 Mar 2015
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Two of the injured were in critical condition, one was in the train and the other inside the vehicle

A light rail two cars collided Saturday in downtown Los Angeles. At least 21 people were injured, officials said, and one of them is in serious condition.

Shan Lenske, Fire Department spokesman, said the accident happened shortly before 11 in the morning local, near the campus of the University of Southern California (USC).

So far the causes of the accident are unknown.

Reuters reports that of the 21 injured, two are serious. The accident occurred when a passenger train from Los Angeles collided with a vehicle that crossed the railway. A witness reported that the vehicle was a Hyundai Sonata that was unrecognizable from the impact.

The two serious people are a Metro link passenger train and a passenger was removed from the vehicle.

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  1. Plain To See Reply

    From the photograph, so kindly included in this breathtaking breaking news, one can clearly see that the train swerved several times before forcing the driver to park his Hyundai Sonata on the tracks. Unable to exit their vehicle, the hapless occupants of the car, could only watch in horror (if they paid attention) for a good thirty seconds or more as the train approached, its warning horn drowned out by the boom of the gangsta rap subwoofers loosening the welds on the Korean import. Alas, Babylon…

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