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Posted On 27 Mar 2014
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Both Los Angeles and San Francisco are two very tourist cities in California. But the road between these two cities is worth. Best you leave this busy “interstate highway” and follow “Highway 1” along the coastline, so that you can visit many resorts on your way.

El Camino Real (The Royal Road)

Exit the motorway and follow the historic and beautiful Highway 1, or the El Camino Real, along the coast south to Los Angeles. On the way we stop at different places and we do stay in Pismo Beach. Today’s ride is about 420 km long and takes a 5 hour range. What we especially do not visit on this road is Hearst Castle. It is the most visited attraction after Disneyland in California, but also “tourist stage number 1”. Although the castle is very beautiful, the cost to visit outrageously high and you all limited to actually enjoy the palace.

From north to south

It is still not high season and normally needs the crowds on Highway 1 somewhat easy. The route has the same celebrity status as Route 66. In fact, the road begins a bit further north and is obviously over the Golden Gate Bridge. El Camino Real or King’s Highway will also sometimes call California Mission Trail. In the 17th century Spanish seafarers came to dock in California and built numerous missions to the local population to convert to Christianity. Especially the Indians Many of the missions still exist today and are often beautifully restored.

Santa Cruz

Located in Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay since the 60s a haven for intellectuals and left-wing hippies. There was even opened often took extreme political positions. University Today, the atmosphere is relaxed and left earlier. Santa Cruz is also one of the best places in the world to board surfing. One visit here already since 1885. Who knows the Santa Cruz and O’Neill surfboards and skateboards are not produced. Here the amusement park on the Beach Boardwalk is the oldest in the U.S. and since 1915 by the same firm in management. The carousel and roller coaster its magnificent monuments.


Monterey also has a hippie past with the Monterey festival in 1967, which is the largest rock concert was until then. A festival that has for future festivals like Woodstock Festival. Triggered the festival was important in the run-up to the “Summer of Love” with performances by Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and The Who. A parent festival to this day is still continuing, the Monterey Jazz Festival, which was first organized in 1958. Monterey also has a literary history, making plenty of culture lovers attract. The city has its charm in every way and the Fisherman’s Wharf is reminiscent of those in San Francisco, but more authentic. Many tourists visit here also The Monterey Bay Aquarium.


Between Monterey and Carmel-by-the-Sea is the 17 Mile Drive, a beautiful piece of coastal road which you have to pay. Tolls Money that the sophisticated golf courses are watered. Still, it is worthwhile to cough. $ 9.25 not only is the most beautiful golf course in the U.S., here too, the views are stunning. The Lone Cypress Tree is more or less a symbol of this path. Here lives a part of the “rich and famous” California. Carmel is a special case. Here live many artists and actors, and even Clint Eastwood was formerly mayor (between 1986 and 1988). Preferably one gets here not too many tourists all over the floor. Dogs are welcome, however, striking again. There are even restaurants with “doggie menus” here. The village has plenty of big villas behind high walls, has no traffic lights, nor do you get from advertising. Most homes do not have a number. There shall also find some very unusual laws that apply anywhere else in the world. So it is not allowed to wear without written permission. Heels it is not permitted to sell ice cream or eat in public. This law was in fact inserted by Clint Eastwood. Carmel late to the frustration of the people no one unmoved.

Big Sur

When leaving Carmel is the most beautiful part of Highway 1, Big Sur. It is a mountainous coastal area that winds up and down and a few high peaks are close to the coast. Cone Peak is even 1500 meters. This area is nearly 100 km long and very thin populated. On any given moment you have the impression that you’re on a roller coaster. In winter you can see gray whales swim along the high cliffs. And of course the sea lions camp here again. Through the mist, the hill gets a mystical character.

Pismo Beach

After this wilderness follows a flatter area and eventually you’ll arrive at the wide beaches and dunes of Pismo Beach. You can enjoy a swim and take long walks on the beach. The beach buggies flames here on the sand. The 30 km long beach is big enough for everyone, after all.

Santa Barbara

From Santa Barbara, you’ll gradually in the busier area of ​​Los Angeles. Santa Barbara once housed the main mission of the Spaniards, but a strong earthquake in 1925, most of the buildings from that time destroyed. Santa Barbara is today chiefly as the American Riviera. It is renowned for its many white houses and villas, the more expensive residential areas and the beautiful marina.


After Santa Barbara, come along even e Ventura and then along the fashionable Malibu. Malibu is the resort for the wealthy jet set from Bel Air and Beverly Hills. Along Malibu Beach attend various wealthy actors and musicians and most stretches of beach are also private property. This is also the last piece of nature before you ride in Los Angeles.

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