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Posted On 22 Sep 2013
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United States of America is a large country having 50 states. It is the 3rd largest population country in the world with an area of 9.6 million square km. The area is nearly equal to that of China. United States has green areas, hills, densely populated and beautiful cities. A large number of people settled in USA from different parts of the world belonging to different religions so it has become a multicultural nation.  It is known as cultural landscape with lot of attraction for the tourists from all over the world. United States is a complex and diverse country instead of what we see at TV. People like to travel USA due to its beauty and multicultural setup.

United States having 48 states are bounded with Atlantic Ocean and most of the people live in these coastal areas. The land borders of USA are shared with Canada in the North while with Mexico in the South. There are three mountain ranges in United States, The Appalachians is the oldest mountain range, and the Rockies are on average while Sierra Nevada and Cascade ranges are the youngest. There are great lakes and inland seas which enhance the beauty of the country. It is an attraction for the tourists to travel USA.

There is wide variety of climate in USA because it is hot in some of the states and very cold in the others. So once can find climate from both extreme points to the mid. The summer is very hot in some states while the snowfall is nearly up to 2 feet in some of the areas. You can find mountains and deserts in USA to enjoy both types of life. The weather is cool and damp in coastal areas. Rain is frequent while snow is rare. As the area of the country is very wide so the variety of season can be observed in United States of America.

There is federal government in USA which controls the whole country comprising of 50 states. The variation of culture is great from area to area or even within a city. As it is very common to travel USA therefore a large number of people have been settled in United States by migrating from different parts of the world. There are many holidays which are officials as well as cultural. The traveler should be aware of them when he has the mind to travel USA.

United States is a country of parks, play areas, cinemas and many other entertainment activities. There are many places worth seeing so anyone who wants to see them must travel USA. All the places are developed for entertainment purposes with the state of the art technology. There is a big movie industry, Hollywood which is another worth mentioning locations. There are many visitors in the United States who has just come to visit such beautiful places. They want to enjoy the beauty of these areas so they made up their mind to travel USA.

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